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Made in Devon
5th January 2009, 23:35
About a week before Xmas, we did a "buy it now" on a motorbike seat from America. (paid by Paypal) It arrived on Xmas Eve, but we had to pay 50 to the courier for VAT/Import fees... annoying but we did know that it was a possibility.

However it turned out to be the wrong seat, their fault not ours. You could see why they got it wrong, they sent one with a very similar reference number. I emailed them politely, explained the problem and asked if they could arrange collection and replacement. I had a reply back from them within a couple hours of sending the email, they said they would get in touch with the courier and arrange collection. This was all on the 24th December.

I replied to them, thanking them and asking them to keep me informed. No reply though to date, even though I sent an email during last week and another one today.

The immediate problem is, we are going on holiday on Thursday for a week, and I would like to tell them that the collection address is different. I have already told them that I need to change the collection address.

Where do I stand if they do not answer my emails? I was under the impression that they were going to contact UPS between the Xmas and New Year holiday.

If I have to open a dispute through Ebay, will I get my money back through Paypal? If that is the case, how long will it take?

Any advice appreciated. This seat cost 238 including postage, plus a further 50 duty fees, and is the wrong one. We can prove the fault is theirs, but just want the peace of mind of knowing this is being sorted out for us.

The seller has 95+ % feedback and has a score of over 2000 so I felt confident buying from them.

5th January 2009, 23:50
They should have dealt with it by now - even if just to tell you that someone will be in touch shortly. Are they a business seller? They may be dealing with courier/family holidays and just be a bit slow generally. They could be stalling for time until you are out of time for a paypal claim - remember you time limit is 45 days from date of payment. If it's a private seller and they haven't sold much lately, it may be worth getting a claim in via paypal NOW. This will freeze the funds in their account and you can then escalate if needed.

In terms of time to get your money back, it's difficult to say. You have to prove to paypal that the item is SNAD which involves faxing them proof within a very short time frame (usually ten days from their email requesting proof) and they will then give the seller a chance to defend and make a decision - it could be a few days or as many as 30!

Good luck.

6th January 2009, 10:23
I agree with Freebird's comments and likewise would advise you open a PayPal dispute right away.
Could you leave your PayPal / Ebay details with a family member or friend you trust so they can deal with the dispute while you are away? Worry as FB said is the need for info to be given during the time you are away.

I am not too sure how you stand with the customs fees, any decent seller should refund those, but that part of the payment wouldn't be covered by PayPal.
Unfortunately, customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer - not fair in your situation when you were sent the wrong item :(

One other thought is for you to phone the seller, calls to the USA aren't expensive so long as you are with any provider other than BT.
This may be the quickest solution - you can request the sellers' phone number (they get yours at the same time) be sure to check the USA time before calling though ;)

Good luck and please update us :)

Made in Devon
6th January 2009, 11:24
I politely emailed this morning, giving them my works address and the hours my work is open to arrange collection of the parcel.
I have kept the email polite, but did ask please that they confirm today as to what was happening, as I did not want to open a ebay/paypal dispute, but I would do so if I needed to.
The item was bought and paid for on 21.12.08 so I beleive time is on my side, but I will log the dispute late tonight if I do not hear from them

Made in Devon
2nd February 2009, 23:48
Update on the above.

After various, unanswered, emails to the company I logged an ebay/paypal dispute. Within a couple hours I received a reply back from the company. They totally back tracked their initial offer to me, and said that now the problem was in Ebays hands and it was up to me to send the parcel back to them (America) and there was nothing they could do.

I replied saying that I was sorry I felt I had to go to Ebay/paypal to resolve this issue, it was only because they had not responded to my emails, and I would happily cancel the dispute if only they would arrange the collection and replacement of the parcel. Again, they responded saying it was out of their hands now.

Then ebay contacted me, telling me to send the parcel back (at my cost) and give them the tracking number. I have contacted them back explaining, again, that the company had promised initially to arrange this and that I simply could not afford to send a heavy parcel back to the states. So far I have not had a response and the dispute finishes on the 15th of this month. I will update when I hear anything further, but frankly it is not looking good.

On further investigation, this company has a 92% feedback, but out of 122000 transactions, and when you read all their feedback, what they have done to us is not ususual.

3rd February 2009, 09:51
Unfortunately that is one of the major drawbacks of buying heavy items from abroad - if there is a problem and you get a seller who simply can't be bothered, then you end up out of pocket. It's not ebay who handle the dispute (they insist they're just a venue), but paypal. Paypal won't discuss it with you and no amount of proving what the company previously said will help you. Unfortunately, to stand any chance of recovering some of your money, you will have to send back by tracked means - and fast or they will automatically rule against you.

I'm so sorry this has happened to you and wish I could give you more cheerful news!

3rd February 2009, 10:09
If you send it back, will you be already out of pocket, or is it worth doing? Could you not sell the product on in the uk and get your money back that way?

3rd February 2009, 10:50

Sorry to hear the problems you are having -thats a very good point Princessa has mentioned.

3rd February 2009, 13:09
If the fault is there'e they should cover the cost of the return P&P

3rd February 2009, 15:19
Sorry you are still having problems with this transaction, unfortunately it doesn't look like the seller is going to bend :(
It is appalling that sellers can be in the wrong (like this one) and yet get away with it as they know PayPal will side with them in so much they require you to return the item at your expense.

Did you pay via PayPal using your credit card?
If so, I would suggest you try contacting your credit card company to see if they can help you.

Made in Devon
3rd February 2009, 15:53
Thank you all for the support.
In total this item has cost around 280 now, 230 of which was to the buyer and the other 50 paid Customs/VAT fees.

As I have said what ebay want me to do is send the parcel back, which I imagine will cost at least 50, which will not be refunded.

It is like throwing good money after bad. So, yes we have decided to sell it, I imagine we will still loose on it, but for the sake of sanity this situation needs to be over.

3rd February 2009, 18:35
Make sure you leave appropriate feedback for this "business" seller!

3rd February 2009, 20:30
Hope you manage to sell it on ok, if you've paid that amount for it then it must be hard to get or too expensive over here so hopefully someone else will be willing to pay it too.

3rd February 2009, 20:40
Did you pay via PayPal using your credit card?
If so, I would suggest you try contacting your credit card company to see if they can help you.

Just what I was going to suggest. Hope you get your money.