View Full Version : New seller Q

7th January 2009, 21:25
We have won an item for the car, and i have had a message from the seller to say they have posted the item, but could i leave feedback for them asap as paypal hold the money till i leave feedback with her being a new seller.....is this true, i wont be leaving feedback though untill it arrives and we know its ok

7th January 2009, 21:27
PayPal do hold the money until feedback is left or until 3 weeks have past IIRC?

No way would I be leaving feedback as you rightly said until a) item arrives and b) items is OK....anyone asking for feedback is more likely to get a comment they would rather not have ;)

7th January 2009, 21:41
yep, dont do it!!! wait till the item arrives!!

7th January 2009, 22:39
Thanks, have repped you both!!!