View Full Version : What do I do now? Paid but never received item and gave them too long

15th January 2009, 19:38
Last quarter end I bought some deals off ebay and asked them to convert to Merlin passes. The seller said they were having some (unspecified)problems and asked if I wanted refunding. I thought they were trying to get out of the sale, as I had got them cheap so I said no, I'll wait. Now I've waited too long - the record of the sale has gone from ebay - what can I do - how do I track down the seller?:help:

15th January 2009, 19:38
Can you find them through your paypal transactions?

15th January 2009, 19:42
If it's over 45 days ago then it's too late for a paypal dispute.

If you paid via a credit card through paypal, then you can maybe do a chargeback - contact the credit card company.

15th January 2009, 20:38
Do you keep your End of Auction e-mails?
Details would be on there, otherwise look in your PayPal transaction history as JoJo suggested.

Depending on the value of the transaction, if you didn't pay via your credit card/PayPal, you could consider Small Claims, but not worth it for a smallish amount due to fees.

It is going back sometime now if it was last quarter end :eek:

15th January 2009, 21:15
Thanks all, have tracked using paypal so I have a name and address!

15th January 2009, 21:29
Best course of action is small claims court. Apply for the "benefit" you would of received from deals not what you paid and get the costs put on them.
I recently have had similar problems all be it for a small amount.Dont use paypal as they deem the codes to be intangible.See my thread on Tesco General Discussion board.
You should have copies of the messages through ebay in your email.
Hopefully they will refund you befoire taking them to court

15th January 2009, 22:33
Thanks all, have tracked using paypal so I have a name and address!

if you paid through paypal but via your credit card you can inform your credit card company that you havent received the item. i think youve got 120 days to do this