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18th January 2009, 01:06

I currently have the standard BA American Express card (the one that gives you 1 point per pound spent and a 2 4 1 voucher if you spend 20,000 in a year). I am considering upgrading it to the "gold" card version, or whatever it is called, as while I have spent more than 10,000 (the amount that would get you a 2 4 1 voucher with the "gold" card) I know that I am not going to make it to the 20,000 mark by the end of my membership year.

I was wondering whether if I upgrade my card my spend will be carried over and so I will trigger the 2 4 1 voucher? I don't want to spend the annual fee for the gold card otherwise.

If anyone has any experience/thoughts of this I'd be pleased if you would share it/them. I'd rather like to be able to call Amex armed with the knowledge it is possible and so feel able to be insistent rather than being at the mercy of the Amex employee.

Many thanks


18th January 2009, 02:40
Pretty sure this has been done before. Once you do the upgrade your 2-4-1 will trigger almost immediately as you will have met the spend requirement. A few things to consider before doing this.

Do you have a specific destination and time frame to use the 2-4-1 and do you have sufficient miles for that destination. If the answer is yes to all of them I would suggest checking if there are reward seats available for your dates/destination. Otherwise you could end up paying for the premium card (150 quid), triggering the 2-4-1 and not actually getting the use of it.

18th January 2009, 13:49
as long as you upgrade the card and do not take out a new card then your spend will carry on. I did it after having the normal card for a couple of months. On a side note, i dont think you are allowed to upgrade if you havent had your card for 6 months, i had to call a few times before i got through to a sales person who would allow me to upgrade

18th January 2009, 14:40
Thanks. I know where I want to go (to Minneapolis with my sister to visit my cousin) but I'm not too concerned when although probably at or just after Christmas '09 - I think that I will wait until my membership year is almost up before upgrading so that the 2-4-1 voucher lasts as far into 2010 as possible.

Thanks again for your help.


18th January 2009, 21:20
You just need to bear in mind as well that flights booked using the Amex 2-4-1 companion voucher can only be on BA-operated flights (the rules are more strict than for standard redemption bookings using BA miles).

I thought I'd mention that in case that affects your travel to the US.

19th January 2009, 03:57
I think the closest you'd get to Minneapolis with BA is either Chicago or Toronto. Also given the taxes/fuel surcharges using the 2-4-1 for an economy (50,000 miles return) flight can end up saving very little.

19th January 2009, 23:11
I didn't know that you couldn't use them on non-BA legs, on Thursday I am off to Minneapolis using my miles (in First class, I'm very excited!) so I just assumed that I would be able to use the 2 4 1 voucher on the same route. Perhaps it would be best to use the voucher to visit a friend in Seattle instead and just pay for the Minneapolis trip.

Thanks for all the tips.


19th January 2009, 23:42
Enjoy your trip in First. Hope you have lots of really warm clothes packed as it has been unbelievably cold according to a work colleague.

20th January 2009, 13:45
I didn't know that you couldn't use them on non-BA legs...Perhaps it would be best to use the voucher to visit a friend in Seattle instead and just pay for the Minneapolis trip.

Yes, it's BA-metal only for the 2-4-1 bookings unfortunately.

Seattle is a good idea for that redemption as it's good value for the miles (west coast rather than some of the other shorter North America flights for the same mileage) and it generally has pretty good availability. I used my latest 2-4-1 on a return flight to Seattle for this May and had most days of the month to pick from (that was in Club World though, not First).

20th January 2009, 20:56
Thank you. I'm so excited about my trip in First that the actual holiday seems like an after thought. I'm all stocked up on the thermals so fingers crossed I'll avoid frostbite and manage to come back with all my fingers and toes!

I think my next trip will be in Club World too, as now that Tescos aren't offering many extra points my main source of BA miles is pretty much gone.