View Full Version : Ryanair have changed our flight by a whole day

18th January 2009, 09:45
Not sure what to do...we have booked a villa (tesco) near Jerez in Spain and have booked flights saturday to saturday they are changing our flights to go out on the sunday....can't see why, as they are flying our the following saturday.....don't know what we can do as there aren't any other airports nearby....

18th January 2009, 10:29
Have they cancelled the flight on the Saturday?

19th January 2009, 21:35
yeah they have said they have cancelled the flight for the whole day...

19th January 2009, 23:15
Have you checked that out? if that is the case I think they only need to offer you a refund if you don't want the new date.

23rd January 2009, 13:49
phoned them up on monday morning they can only refund our outbound flight and not the retrn journey which is ridiculous, as we now can't get out there...I have had to write a letter to get the return journey refunded...its pants...

Have now booked flying to Malaga with a 2 hr drive the other end on the day we wished to travel...flies earlier in the morning too so even with the 2 hr drive the other end we still arrive about 6 hours earlier than the other flight into jerez...

23rd January 2009, 18:07
i have now heard back from ryanair and they have said that they refuse to refund the returning journey back to us - can anyone offer any help or advice please....will i be able to make a claim through my credit card does anyone know??

Grace & Favour
23rd January 2009, 18:15
Sorry Colman - - I cannot help you - - I've never travelled with Ryan Air . . . . .
Can your travel insurance cover this though?
but just wanted to wish you hugs