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4th February 2009, 13:17
I am wanting to buy 4 things off 1 seller who says will combine postage which is fine but all the stuff is on immediate payment so how can I get all the stuff to go on 1 payment & 1 invoice???
I've e-mailed the seller but I need 1 of the things quite quickly as my camera battery is knackered & is DD's party on Sat :(


4th February 2009, 13:22
I've come across that Debbie

I emailed the seller to confirm , then bought and paid for them as per the lsiting and she processed a partial PayPal refund afterwards. Its not particularly cost effective as seller gets separate PayPal charges for each one but she was happy

4th February 2009, 13:24
I sold 4 items recently on 'buy it now' to the same person and came across the same problem. She wanted reduced shipping costs for multiple purchases.
I just offered a mutually agreed refund through paypal (after successfull receipt of the package).

4th February 2009, 13:25
The seller can adjust the invoice so if all items end near each other they can do it that way for you.

Grace & Favour
4th February 2009, 13:32
The seller can combine all the items on one invoice, and then apply a realistic postal charge

4th February 2009, 13:33
Cheers all - will rep u later! :)

4th February 2009, 13:35
dont forget quidco!