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11th February 2009, 17:32
im hoping someone can help because this is the 1st time i have done it this way, now wish i hadnt coz its confused me :(

ive sold 3 dresses on ebay, one of them went for 20 and after she won it she asked if she could pay 72p extra to have it sent recorded. i said yes and she managed to add 72p extra on top of the bill.

then i brought the postage through paypal, and printed a thing off to stick onto the parcel, (1st class recorded)....

but do i need to still go to the post office because how do i get the scanny thing ( red sticker) or can i just post it through the post box at the top of the street?

also i cant see anywhere on the receipt the tracking number thing?

help im very confused and wish i had got the car out in the 1st place and drove to the post office :(

thanks in advance

11th February 2009, 17:35
yes you still need to get the red sticky thing from post office.

the online thing is great for letters sent normally etc but i think its mainly so people who sell on ebay and have a load of stuff to send can get a lot of it ready iyswim?!

11th February 2009, 17:41
:(thankyou ukdrummajor , so i completely wasted my time :) that will teach me to save on petrol :)

off to the post office tomorrow then