View Full Version : Anyone have the virgin airmiles credit card?

11th March 2009, 22:31
just wandering if anyone had one of these and what your thoughts are on it thanks

12th March 2009, 19:45
Don't have one, but because there are very few to get Virgin miles other than flying, its going to take a heck of a long time to get to a free flight. Virgin also has a limited route network. I wouldn't bother (and indeed haven't) unless I was flying Virgin with work and wanted to top up my existing balance.

12th March 2009, 20:06
ok thanks i have only flown with them once last month and got 4000 miles for that flight will have a look what else i can use them on,

14th March 2009, 14:08
Not much - minimum cashout is 12,500 I think which gets you about ?50 of stuff (wine, theatre vouchers etc).

30th March 2009, 16:30
Not much - minimum cashout is 12,500 I think which gets you about ?50 of stuff (wine, theatre vouchers etc).

omg:eek: that makes the nectar card generous!!!
i won't bother with that then!

31st March 2009, 20:24
I look diffrently on my Virgin Flying Club Amex Card overall.
Over the years........ Spend 90,000 pounds= ?900 at 1%casback with some cards or an upper class flight to the USA= ?2000.
Also, you earn virgin miles with lots of other airlines:

with car hire:

5000 points with an ISA: http://uk.virginmoney.com/virgin/va/

I even learnt poker to earn 7500 miles! Over 3-4 years Ive got 240,000 miles, all with cheappy flights and the other bits- A long way I know- but it's all 'jam on top' of what I'm spending- and now Ive got 2 upper class flites to the US or 1 to Oz!

Just another perspective ;)

2nd April 2009, 18:53
10% off a virgin holiday with the card if the points dry up

2nd April 2009, 22:02
Just beware, the card is run by MBNA and the customer service is rubbish, also it seems every other month they change some of the T&C's Apr, fees, etc, I also find Amex a bit of a pain as you never know for certain which companys take it unless you look it up beforehand

8th May 2009, 21:32

Can you still get 10% off the cost of a virgin holiday by using a Virgin Credit Card and use clubcard deals towards the cost of the holiday?

As they don't allow you to use the frequent virgin discount in conjunction with clubcard deals when paying for a holiday on Virgin Holidays.

9th May 2009, 15:45
No you can't get the credit card discount and use deals, unfortunately!