View Full Version : does what it says on the tin!

31st March 2009, 21:36

a m8 off here sent me some isol8, google it, it's fab!

i was on my knees this morning, on the drive in my dressing gown helping lube the chain of OH's motorbike, involved a big spill of lube on my lovely block paved drive.

covered it in this stuff, v green made from coconut or some such stuff, soaks it all up and sweep up!

this is not an advert btw.... just good to share when u come across a product that works


31st March 2009, 22:03
well if weare sharing our great finds anyone else tried this, my oh is always cleaning his car, he never cleaned my car till we came across ProShine Spray & Shine (Waterless Wash & Wax), aparently the stuff is great and really does work.

You just spray it onto a dirty car and wipe off no need for water:eek:

31st March 2009, 22:08
i've seen that mummmum on qvc, didnt beleive it cud be that good! is it?

31st March 2009, 22:21
I got it off qvc first time round, oh got completely sold on it I was just like you did not believe it could be any good.

well I can only go by what the oh tells me (and he is a car shine snob) and he thinks the stuff is fab. He was so scared the first time he used it and had to rinse the car down but now he just sprays and wipes.