View Full Version : Item arrived broke?

9th April 2009, 22:38
Sold a candle and matching plate, buyer has just sent a message saying the plate arrived smashed!

It was very well wrapped and packaged so really surprised it has smashed, but then I have seen the way Royal Mail throw things about so I guess it may have well ended up smashed :(

I offered to give her 50% back of her winning bid since she also got a big candle as well, do you think she will be happy with this?

Was going to ask her to send a photo, but it's a very small refund so never bothered in this case :rolleyes:


9th April 2009, 23:28
Personally I'd ask her what she thought was appropriate, afterall she hasn't got what she paid for. Royal Mail will compensate for damage up to about 34 I think as long as you have proof of postage and proof of value.


9th April 2009, 23:43
refund in full and claim off RM

10th April 2009, 00:00
Thanks guys, I never even thought of claiming through royal mail :o

will refund her in full as I would not be too happy if it was me and claim through royal mail, just need to find the receipt for the candle and plate ......(runs off to hunt through drawers/ cupboards) :D x

10th April 2009, 10:29
If the price paid wasn't too much in value, I would do as others have said if you are happy to do so.

Personally, I would always ask for a photo as proof the item is actually damaged and isn't a false claim.
I have helped friends with such claims and it is surprising that some buyers go silent and never send a photo - I am not saying your buyer is dishonest, just that there are dishonest peeps out there unfortunately :(

Please tell your buyer RM will require her to keep the packaging and damaged item as they may ask to inspect it.
Also the buyer will be required to complete and return a form which RM will send to confirm item was damaged. I'm not sure at what value rate this applies.
If the buyer doesn't return the form, there have been instances where RM refuse to pay out.
Understandable due to Ebay business being as huge as it is IYSWIM ;)

Good luck and hope it all sorts out well for you :)