View Full Version : Can you prevent a bidder with 0 feedback bidding?

14th April 2009, 21:57
I am having problems with a buyer with 0 feeback. :( Can you stop buyer without feedback bidding and if so how. Too late for this one now. TIA :help:

14th April 2009, 22:03
I'm sure its in your profile somewhere, think mine is set for >10 fb

14th April 2009, 22:22
Cant find it Mamzie. Can anyone provide a link pls?

14th April 2009, 22:26
there is a thread on forum somewhere - try searching for zero in titles

14th April 2009, 22:30
To add buyer requirements to your listings:

In My eBay, under the My Account column, click the "Preferences" link.

In the Site Preferences section, click the “Edit” link. The Buyer Requirements page opens.

Select your buyer requirements. These include blocking buyers who:

Are registered in countries to which you don't post

Have a feedback score of -1,-2,-3 or lower

Have received two Unpaid Item strikes in the last 30 days

Have reportedly breached eBay policies

Are currently winning or have bought '1-100' of your items in the last 10 days

Do not have a PayPal account

Click the Submit button to save your requirements.

14th April 2009, 23:11
Thank Dune :) I did check before posting Giz but couldnt find anything

14th April 2009, 23:15
opps, sorry WF, only just saw your reply, glad Dune could help.