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12th May 2009, 14:33
Any advice was be gratefully recieved.

I'm really trying to find some info on how old it might be, so hopefully I can release it in a week or so, fingers crossed.

Our nursery caretaker had found a blackbird fledgling last night, so for some reason decided to pop it into a box for safekeeping. We also have over a 100 children running through where it was found, so kind think they would have scared it a lot.

However, no one knew where the chirping was coming from... I called in and have now ended up with a fledgling. It seemed quite lethagic (?), except for the noise. but I have warmed it slightly and managed to get it to gape and take some squashed moist dog food. Seems very strong to me, but completely unable to fly.

If I can get it strong enough to feed and fly, I could release it back into the enursery garden for Whitsum week hopefully, or at my uncles, and he always ground feeds the local birds, but has no hedge cover.

12th May 2009, 14:36
What about the rspb for advice?

12th May 2009, 14:39
The link for advice on baby birds from the

RSPB (http://www.rspb.org.uk/advice/helpingbirds/health/babybirds.asp)

12th May 2009, 14:46
They really should be left where they are as the mother is probably still feeling them

Sometimes you can't leave them.. usually cos they are been stalked by cats for are near traffic
It very had to rear a fledgling and they usually die.. it's no ones fault.. just how nature works.. If you can rear it for a week or so then it may have a chance or if there is anyone in the area who does this regularly then they maybe able to help

Good luck and i hope the little fella makes it :)

Grace & Favour
12th May 2009, 15:00
It is difficult to rear fledglings . .

RSPB is definitely the place to start looking though . . . I don't think you could return it to the wild now - because it will smell of humans - and the parents are frightened of that smell - see what the RSPB say Mamz

12th May 2009, 15:04
If you have a compost heap then try offering some of the tiniest worms from the top of the heap it may accept these, water is the most important issue for the bird, sadly as others have said most fledglings in such circumstances will die, it is mostly best to leave them where they are when spotted, even if they appear to be in imminent danger as the survival rate is so poor, at least in the wild if it succumbs it will usually be much swifter at the teeth or claws of a predator.

mutley muppet
12th May 2009, 16:35
Just Pm'd you Mamzie.
MM x

p.s. Some good advice & photos here: http://www.vwr.org.uk/baby_birds.html

12th May 2009, 16:45
Its a shame that baby birds sometimes go through a hopping stage, with mum and dad near by to feed them, they are hard to raise, but need a lot of feeding which could be every 20-30 mins during the day as they eat little an often, add extra water to the cat food to get more fluid into it.

12th May 2009, 17:46
Many thanks all, esp MM for the pm. I will try and get dh to bring some stuff from alloment or send him up mountain. I have been feeding him.her every 40 mins or so with some squashed moistened dog food. I found if I leave him him for 30 mins or so, I get a good gape then and he eats 2/3 straw scoops, plus poops followed by napping. so hopefully things are working inside.

I have got some dry puppy food to soak as theres more protein in that, but have only been able to get dried mealworms as extra.

If I had been there, I would have left him or moved him into a big bush at nursery. It was only when I was asked to hunt for the trapped bird, that we even we realised that somehow he had been put into a crate with a box on top. So we are not sure which part of the gardens he cames from. theres also 130 x 3 years running around there daily, so as you can imagine they were fascinated.

12th May 2009, 17:51
I hope the little guy will be OK, I love blackbirds, we have some who have lived in our laurel bushes for a few years and are pretty tame :)

12th May 2009, 19:54
Off to meet up with the lady MM reccomended. She thinks it sounds like a blackbird or possibly a songthrush, and is willing to raise it with birds she has. And said what I had been feeding was good.

I would love to try myself, but know in my heart that it would be hard to release here, due to my cats, so I couldn't let it just hop in the garden to strenghen its wings, etc.

I'm just hoping it is as strong as I feel it is.

12th May 2009, 22:42
I'm back, and my birdie is off to live in a wildlife hospital for a week, then hopefully may be able to go into their blackbird avirys to get stronger before release.

The lady said he was a blackbird, and was very young, just changing his nesting feathers for fledgling and would be 2 or more weeks easily before he would have been able to fly. She said he was one of the few that are old enough to hopefully be able to raised, yet young enough that he gapes at anything (cats included) for food, and thinks that because I was feeding so frequently through the day, has revived from its limp status this morning and is quite sturdy again.

I must be daft, a 30 mile round trip to hopefully give a little blackbird a fighting chance, but worth it I thought.

mutley muppet
12th May 2009, 23:50
I must be daft, a 30 mile round trip to hopefully give a little blackbird a fighting chance, but worth it I thought.

Not daft in my book Mamzie! In my eyes, it makes you a star for being so compassionate.:love: Good on ya! :clap2:

You have obviously given the little baby a new lease of life with your feeding and he will certainly now have the best chance of survival!

Please let us know how s/he gets on at the wildlife hospital?
MM x

13th May 2009, 08:19
yes please keep us informed - it was a lovely thing you have done - well done

17th May 2009, 00:39
For wild birds each day is a fight for survival, to escape predators and forage for food, any help they can get is sorely needed, well done, no supermarkets or local gp's for birds!

17th May 2009, 16:43
took a robin fledgeling to the vets on thurs . they gave it too an animal sanctuary as there was nothing wrong with it . was very tiny tho

17th May 2009, 17:10
has anyone seen the blackbirds with lots of white on?

we had one in our garden earlier which was beautiful but had gone by the time i got my camera!!!

well done to OP on trying to save a baby, they are my favourite birds xx

17th May 2009, 18:14
I think It's wonderful what you did Mamzie!!! :first::first:

17th May 2009, 23:06
aww, thank you everyone, some lovely comments here, xxx

18th May 2009, 10:45
mamzie i think what you have done is wonderful!
a few years back i found a wounded little pigeon, it had a hurt wing where i think a cat had got hold of it but id disturbed it so it had ran off.
it broke my heart it was so little and my oh took it to the bird place and they looked after it.

18th May 2009, 11:09
Only just see this, well done Mamzie, what a lovely thing to do. :clap2:

18th May 2009, 15:35
Well Done Mamzie, Sadly I wasnt as lucky this weekend.....

My baby blackbird was doing just fine in my hedge but around 7am I was woken by my little ds who was asking what the strange sound was.

I said it was just birds and to go back to bed anyhow the noise didnt stop so I looked out the window to see a large black cat standing by my gate and a male blackbird attacking it. I banged on the window and not thinking flew out my door in dressing gown and very little else and chased it off. To my horror the baby was laying dead in the main road I picked it up and it was still warm and had no wounds so must have died of shock.

My kids were crying and I said we would bury it in the garden.

Anyway the female kept coming down calling for it and was bring worms and bread I decided I should put the baby back out there so she could see it and it was so sad she circled it and came back for about three hours calling for it with food.

I then took the baby in now called Hedgie and we buried it with my daughters poem in the garden.

The sad thing was another week or so it would have flown the nest.

18th May 2009, 15:50
aw rest in peace hedgie xx

18th May 2009, 17:06
Aw poor birdie.

We have bluetits nesting in our box and the other day we looked and something had tried to get in to them. They made a right mess of the hole. the poor babies must have been petrified. We kept checking but could only see one bluetit feeding them for about an hour or two and then the second bluetit came out. He/she must have been protecting them.

A day later we found it was a woodpecker who was attacking the wood - I dont this he was after the babies just the wood.

They are all doing fine at the moment and hope they leave the box while I am around to watch them.

18th May 2009, 19:30
Blue tits are soooo cute weve got them nesting over the road......

they are nesting in my neighbours brick grout its a tiny little hole about 2 inches in width, and my kids sit there with binoculars watching them its really nice the only thing is Im waiting for the police to come over and ask if we are peeping toms!!!!:behindsofa::cool:

Little Hedgie is having a cross built in ice lolly sticks and the dogs ashes are going to keep him company.