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15th July 2009, 21:41
Hi guys I won a voucher yesterday and have not been on line since, I just logged onto my emails and this is an email the seller sent me, do you think it's a bit unfair?

hi, it is wednesday 15th july today, you won the voucher but didnt pay yesterday, im going to wait untill 6.00 this evening, and if you havent paid, im going to put it up for a second offer. ive been messed around so many times on ebay its unreal...and i will need to post tomorrow for friday/saturday post, i would of thought you had realised that. Other than that, get back to me asap to let me know whats going on

15th July 2009, 21:44
Extremely rude as well as unfair. Please let us know the name of this ebayer I wouldn't want to deal with them.


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15th July 2009, 21:54
On the other side of the coin, I sold an item a couple weeks ago that is bulky and needs to be collected in person, during the auction I was contacted and was asked if I would package the item up so a courier could collect. I posted the answer for all to see, yes that would be fine as long as it was pre-arranged which day.

On my listing I stated that winning bidder to please make contact the same day as the auction ends, not to pay, but to make arrangements... the listing finished on Sunday afternoon and I knew that if a courier was coming to my home I was going to have to make suitable arrangements with work etc.. On the listing I politely requested to please contact me, other wise I reserve the right to withdraw the item from sale.

The item was won by a last minute bidder, fair enough, I sent the invoice with a note saying please contact asap as both hubby and I worked during the week and we needed to make arrangements. I sent a polite email the next morning, and another at tea time on the Monday... In the end I had an email back from the buyer saying he would be in contact with me the next morning to tell me when he was going to send in a courier, I replied again politely explaining that it would be no good telling me this, I need to make arrangements..he just replied after a few hours repeating himself.

By this point I had had enough, I emailed him telling him that the item was no longer for sale, I had clearly stated in my terms that I needed to be contacted same day, I explained why, It drives me potty that this chap was a last minute bidder, yet could not stay on line long enough to send an email after the auction ends!!! Obviously, he left me negative feedback.

Sorry to hijack your thread Beba, I am not comparing my experience with yours, I think that you have a certain amount of days to pay usually, and getting grotty emails after just one day seems unreasonable... I stated my terms in my listing but normally that is not the case

15th July 2009, 21:59
not as bad as one I got on Monday for an auction I won (and paid for immeidately a week before hand). along the lines of

great you won my item and you dnt even have the courtesy toget in touch to say why you not paid. its people like u i hate dealing with - your a <insert expletive> time waster and a total <insert expletive> - guna report ya to ebay for being a <insert expletive>

wrote back very politely and asked them to recheck their payments - nothing and still not got the item ...

15th July 2009, 22:06
Guess mine was not that bad then...... What an awful person Giz......

I was just a bit surprised :o

15th July 2009, 22:14
As 'former Mr PTS Grumpy' (2007-8)', I have never been quite so stressy as the OP's seller, lol..... however I know it is easy to get a bit of an unrealistic view of the world sometimes when immersed in the PC, and when you don't get payment the same day you can think the buyer is a schmuck and a timewaster because you don't see that actually they are living a real life in the reakl world where the PC isn't the most important thing 24/7.

I do know what it is like to get sucked into this world so I can see what has happened here. I think you have to rise above it and be the better person if you can. Good luck!!

15th July 2009, 22:40
Of course it is a ridiculous message. Just send back a very polite note saying you don't live on your computer and are paying now.
And Giz I would report your seller to eBay!

I generally give people 3 days to pay then a gentle reminder and then aanother at a week. Then I just file a dispute. You never know what has happened to the buyer they may have died for all you know:rolleyes:

15th July 2009, 23:29
Hi Beba

I guess you just have to rise above it even though it's out of order. However if it was me I would be tempted to send a 'get a life' type response and explain that you are not intrinsically connected to your computer and have a life outside the screen.

People are always complaining about mardy buyers but there are a few mardy sellers out there too.

16th July 2009, 12:46
Ebay gives a buyer 7 days to pay so whatever a seller writes on their listings about paying in 3 days etc is meaningless unless they have clicked on immediate payment required. I collected my first negative yesterday from a buyer who didn't read the listing so am still huffing :(.

16th July 2009, 12:54
leave neutral feedback for rudeness

16th July 2009, 13:00
A lot of sellers do get anxious if you don't pay immediately but a polite reminder first is surely the way to go. A lot are unaware of sniper tools and think you are actually sitting there at auction end, but ignoring the payment aspect.

16th July 2009, 13:39
I don't think you need to leave neutral, just leave positive saying "item received, but rude communicaiotn" assuming you get the item!