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29th July 2009, 07:37
I have tried to find answer but to no avail.
Sold an item on 5th July. Waited 24 hours item not paid for so sent invoice. waited 7 days item still not paid for no response from buyer so issued non-paying bidder process.
Waited 8 days still no response from bidder so asked for case to be closed due to lack of response and also asked for fvf. This was done on 25th July.
Yesterday, buyer paid via paypal for item with some half baked story about paying by mobile thought she had paid, failed to mention total lack of response to emails etc.
2 hours after paying buyer asked that I send item asap and that I remove unpaid strike from her account. Not a please, thank you or sorry in any emails.

My question is do I have to sell her the item?
can I refuse the money,?
if I do refuse the money and refund via paypal, can the unpaid item strike stand./
Yes I know I am being a bit B***** minded but I dont like

29th July 2009, 07:45
I can see your point and I would possibly feel the same (believe it or not sometimes I can be B***** minded!!!) but wouldn't it just be easier to go ahead with the transaction? Sorry don't know the answer to your question tho but not many up yet so thought I'd reply and say :rapture:

29th July 2009, 08:25
Do you really want to sell the item? if you want to get rid of it then just think to yourself, ok ill let them have it keep the money in your account,you are the better person,weather they have manners or not ,dont lower yourself to their level,not worth arguing about,life is to short.Take care

29th July 2009, 08:50
If you do send her the item make sure you send it via a trackable source, recorded, special delivery etc. That way if she tries to do an 'Item not Received Chargeback' you can prove delivery. Only take off the 'Unpaid item Strike' when she has left you positive feedback.

29th July 2009, 09:11
if their feedback is good then it may be a genuine mistake, if it isn't or they are fairly new I would say don't send and leave the strike on their account as a warning to other sellers ... I hate slow eBay payers

29th July 2009, 09:27
Sorry to say I disagree with everyone who says to go ahead with the transaction.

Buyer had more than enough time to pay or at least let you know if there was a problem.
Once your FVF is refunded, both your buyer and yourself receive a notice from Ebay to say the transaction is now null and void.

As you will have had this note, you are under absolutely no obligation to sell to the buyer.
I have been in the same position as you and have done as I will advise you. My reason is the buyer may well cause you problems and the item may not arrive IYSWIM ;)
Unpaid Item strikes are in place for a reason and if given are deserved IMHO ;)

Refund the buyer's payment by going to the PayPal payment page in your PP account.
Right at the bottom of the page is a "Refund" option, click.
Buyer will get the full payment back and you will not be charged any fees.

Send a polite e-mail to your buyer explaining the transaction was nulled and void once the UPI dispute completed so you are under no obligation to accept payment now.

29th July 2009, 13:50
Thanks to everyone for opinions and advice still feeling B***** minded so have taken angelics advice and will leave NPB strike on file.
Have repped everyone except DOM (sorry) he is being far to helpful lately so cant rep him again, will send him a cyber cuddle instead.

29th July 2009, 13:57
I'm with angelic as the payment only came AFTER the unpaid item strike

I don't think you are being ****** minded, just being practical on the evidence so far.

If you are going to relist, I'd also block this ebayer from your future sales just to be on safe side

29th July 2009, 14:03
Have blocked the bidder and checked out her feedback, the feedback she leaves is not negative just a bit picky. Things like not really what I was expecting. Also address to send is work address and is unconfirmed so glad I walked away.

29th July 2009, 15:00
id have done the same not sold it to them

i know some auctions do say ...if not paid within 7 days they will relist .... so the lenght of time you gave them to pay was acceptable ..unless they had emailed to say there was a problem with paying ..then id have maybe compromised but as you say didnt answer emails till ebay contacted them about unpaid item

29th July 2009, 15:02
Thanks for the support. Know in my heart i have done the right thing.

29th July 2009, 16:56
Actually having read through the rest of the posts I have changed my mind and agree that you have done the right thing. I was thinking if you just sent it that would be that, but of course as others have said, there is always the issue of saying it hadn't come or wasn't what was expected and leaving negative fb. Good call, well done for ignoring my advice and not leaving me feedback grrrrr, lol