View Full Version : Has anyone ever bought from the Cumbrian Way

11th September 2009, 13:52
I had a ?5 off code from the Cumbrian Way in Ullswater and haven't received my order yet. Has anyone else ever ordered form them and what is their delivery times like. They don't answer their phone or any emails I have sent. :mad:

11th September 2009, 14:23
Not dealt with this company or heard of it, sorry :(

A search for the name on 192.com brings up a delicatessen by that name in Ulverston, Cumbria - wonder if that is the same one?

I'll PM you the info as I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the addy/phone number on here.

11th September 2009, 16:08
Thanks for the phone number but they just don't reply. I have sent them another message threatening them with Trading Standards. It leaves a bad taste when you get ripped off. It wasn't a lot of money but if they did that to more than me the money would soon mount up. :fencing:

11th September 2009, 17:13
Sorry you are having such problems - not sure how you found the code, but might be worth advising the website or publication so they can remove it if possible?

I would definitely get on to Trading Standards, I wouldn't tell the company, I would just do it.

If you paid via a credit card, it might be worth contacting the CC company to see if they can help get your money back ;)

12th September 2009, 09:26
Thanks for the phone number, I eventually got through on the phone this morning. The shop has new owners as the last place went bust. Whoever placed the code either on here with the link to the website or on MSE I can't find them on either but the website is still taking orders. So my money has gone and will try Trading Standards. :mad:

12th September 2009, 20:20
Sorry the news isn't good, Grunnie but at least you now know what has happened :(
Good luck with TS and thanks for updating.