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black cat
22nd September 2009, 11:02
I am not sure if anyone is going to know what I am talking about here..

I have looked at something before on line which is designed for supporting your head when trying to sleep on a plane. It was a strap thing with a cushion on it that went from the back of your seat to your arm rest.

Does anyone know what i am talking about and what it is called. I can not find it on line but not really sure what to search under.

It is this specific thing I am after, not a travel pillow or a blow up neck support as i have found they really do not work for me.

22nd September 2009, 11:10
Is this it? (http://www.travelrest.net/)

22nd September 2009, 11:14
...some clever folks in here !

22nd September 2009, 11:17
Oh that looks fab. Very very tempted to get some for our flights to Turkey next week as they are rubbishy night flights as usual!

22nd September 2009, 11:21
How about this one (http://www.donttravelwithoutit.com/page9a.html)

22nd September 2009, 11:21
On Amazon for ?8.80 = ?2.50 p+p


black cat
22nd September 2009, 12:32
How about this one (http://www.donttravelwithoutit.com/page9a.html)

That is the one (Jetsleeper) that I was talking about, however the other link you found is interesting as that one you do not have to loop it round the seat behind you which is one thing that was bothering me about the Jetsleeper...

Off to study some more

Thanks, rep on its way :D

22nd September 2009, 12:48
Glad to help another cat. :D

I've not seen these before. I might get a couple for our next holiday.

Trolley Dash
22nd September 2009, 14:04
what do you do when you want to 'turn over' - there is no pillow on the other side?

22nd September 2009, 19:13
what do you do when you want to 'turn over' - there is no pillow on the other side?

Snuggle into the next passenger:p

22nd September 2009, 19:16
...u had me at 'strap thing'..haha!