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23rd October 2009, 22:39
Hi my DS has just agreed to start a paper round for some extra cash, I can remember doing one myself so be it almost 20 years ago but I remember getting ?8.25 for delivering six days a week.

I can't believe kids are now asked to deliver 7 days a week, wow there goes any lie ins, and can you guess how much he will get for doing this 7 days a week?

23rd October 2009, 22:44
?15 at a guess, they charge peolple enough for delivery

23rd October 2009, 22:47
My DS2 does a paper round 7 days a week, and is paid ?2 a day. I know that it isn't a lot, but it is teaching him that you have to work for your money. He is learning to spend his ?14 a week wisely. If he wants to stay at a friends house for the weekend, he tells the shop at the beginning of the week, and one of the other kids adds his round onto their own.

23rd October 2009, 23:05
IMHO the best paper rounds to get are delivering the local free paper.

You only have to do the delivery once a week and have a choice of days/evenings within which you have to complete the delivery. The person is expected to sort the leaflets into the papers first (this is checked randomly and you are expected to put one of each leaflet into each paper, takes an hour to do this typically).

A friend's son does this and my DS1 covered his round in the Summer for 2 weeks. You get paid more if you have more leaflets to sort. DS1 earned ?20 the first week (lots of leaflets) and ?13.50 the second week (3 leaflets). My friend suggested her DS averages ?14 per week so the ?20 week was a good one!

Now DD wants to get this sort of paper round herself. Her friend covers 2 areas doing free paper rounds, so she earns twice as much - and gets free mocs occasionally too when there are leaflets left over.

24th October 2009, 08:51
I can remember doing a paper round about 30 years ago (:eek:) - the pay was a pittance, the work 7 days a week in all weathers...a thankless task, but definitely good for teaching you about working for your money.

24th October 2009, 08:52
I can't believe kids are now asked to deliver 7 days a week, wow there goes any lie ins,

Not here!

I used to like to read the paper while I was eating my breakfast, but in the school holidays the paper never arrived before I went to work, and it arrived around 10am on weekends.

When I asked why it was later in holidays and on weekends, I was told the paperboy likes a lie in and I'd have to fit in around him! Needless to say I stopped the paper deliveries after that.

24th October 2009, 08:56
I remember 30 years ago now lol showing my age ?2.80 i used to get lol.
Today i would expect about a ?15.

24th October 2009, 08:58
I used to do a morning and evening round and if others never turned up I would do two on the same day.

24th October 2009, 09:59
To try and guess we really need to know how many papers he will be delivering as it will go on that.

My DD delivers the free paper and its not such the good money it used to be. When it was with our local Evening Courier the money was good and the ones still on that rate of pay are still smiling.

to deliver 207 say tesco leaflets she will get 62p extra on top of her rate.

For her round she was first offered ?3.55 and I told them to forget it soon went up to ?6.21 ( I dont think they do this now) which I did not think too bad as with the leaflets she would get around ?8 to ?10 per week.

I then found out my friend had moaned about her sons round and she got an extra ?5. Well when I found out I was on the phone and she now gets just under ?11 then leaflets on top but we are now well paid.

24th October 2009, 11:01
Well his round is for 40 papers in total (I remember mine was 50) he left the house this morning at 5.45am and arrived home at 10am and by this time I had phoned him as I was wondering if he had fallen asleep on bike. When he arrived at paper shop he was asked to do 2 rounds as someone had not turned up. He has not kept the round sheet of the second round so I don't know how many papers he had in total. He came in the house shattered and saying he would not got back but after almost an hour he has recovered and is happy to back tomorrow (please don't rain tomorrow, I really want him to stick at this).

So the reason I was asking for how much is that I'm stunned at what he will get each week. He starts on ?15 per week going up to ?25 per week once been there a month. When asked to do a double round he will get extra but I'm not sure how much, but hay its a fab way to get him out of his bed in the morning and get some much needed exercise in.

I think I will have to do a paper round on route to work, lol, I know I def could do with the exercise.

Thanks for all your comments and please don't let it rain tomorrow as I know I will have a struggle with getting him out, but I have decided I will not back down and let him quit as it did me no harm.

24th October 2009, 11:54
Thats really good money for so few papers - are they spread out or close together.

He will also get a lot quicker when he knows the round inside out.

Well done

Grace & Favour
24th October 2009, 12:10
That's good pay - I suspect . . .

My paper round (7 days a week, grossed me 11/- a week)

24th October 2009, 12:31
I never had a paper round i was lucky to get a job in the paper shop at 15 and would start work just in time to see the lads come back from their rounds in all weathers (well mostly lads, i remember a gentleman called Mr Maguire who was about 65). I would then hand over their brown envelopes to them varying from about ?6.00 to ?20.00 for the week whilst feeling very smug, drinking my cuppa and reading my magazine behind the counter for the grand sum of ?2.15 ph! (13 years ago)

I worked an hour or two after school then more at weekends and would usually take home about ?30 and school holidays anything up to ?65, it was great and really did teach me a lot. I used to whinge so much about working when none of my friends had to but looking back it was such a great first job!

24th October 2009, 13:27
Thats really good money for so few papers - are they spread out or close together.

He will also get a lot quicker when he knows the round inside out.

Well done

Thanks for all replies.

Yes I agree really good money, round is spread but it only has one hill which I think is great as the rest of the round is on the flat.

I've just had a further nose at round sheet and its 32 houses getting a total of 40 papers, alot getting the telegraph which son said has three parts and was heavy.

I've been going on at son alot really for lack of exercise so I hope this helps and its great that he won't be hugging his bed most of the morning.

Fairygirl that sounds like a fab first job, have just told my son about you.

24th October 2009, 14:26
DS1 cant wait to be 13 to start a paperround. It seems round here thought they are all done by the elderly!! - which is great for them but not if you're young and need extra/some spends!
I started at 13 and the morning papers had to be delivered by about 7am!

24th October 2009, 14:52
I thought it was illegal for children to work before 7am?My parents owned a newsagent till 2001 & this was always the case then,& they could only do x amount of hrs a day.It was also good practice for the newsagent to make sure that the kids went out with bike lights reflective gear etc

24th October 2009, 19:49
Yes I have just read the contract and it does state that the earliest starting time is 7am but I can def say this was not the case today, I have got my bike already for tomorrow morning to show him all the shortcuts as I think they have got the round the wrong way round.

It also sates that they can be asked to do an other round if an other does not show up, why they don't split it between two I don't know as I seem to remember that is what we did.

I'm just back from buying brighter lights, fingerless gloves and a waterproof jacket for him, I did also offer trousers but he did not want, as I will not let him give up.

I have to laugh as he is sat here yawning and it is not even 8 o'clock and yes I have put the clock back for tomorrow so he is not super early.

Thanks again for all info, I have found it interesting to read.

Oh forgot to add that school starts at 08:30am so perhaps that is why so early.