View Full Version : Just dance wii game

16th December 2009, 17:08
I just bought one of these games for some fun exercise as have not got time or energy to do a class or join a gym. Oh my goodness...we all joined in though did not have enough handsets...we were breathless after one dance. I think I will keep this up, it is fun and lots of songs to choose from. Even my husband joined in even though he hates dancing.

16th December 2009, 19:07
Good to know as dancing is much more fun than the gym

16th December 2009, 19:12
I think its on offer for ?20 online through tesco - it sounds great :)

17th December 2009, 15:28
well everything aches today...so all that dancing must have worked out some muscles...even my daugther, who goes to the gym regularly, is aching.