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23rd January 2010, 20:50
Started watching the new series of house on sky 1 before christmas and it now seems to have disappeared mid series. Has it gone to a new channel? Is it coming back? Does anyone know what happened to it?

23rd January 2010, 20:52
some american series, have a gap over xmas and its likely to start over the next week or so....love House too!!

23rd January 2010, 20:56
I thought you won in Bingo !!

23rd January 2010, 22:33
I've been waiting for it to come back also, keep checking every week and nothing:(. Quite a few of the American series haven't returned yet, but I know some of them are back on in America. I have now put it in Sky's Never Miss, (along with quite a few other favouries) so I will post when I am notified of its return.

24th January 2010, 11:06
thats brilliant thanks for that.

2nd March 2010, 08:11
Just had a Sky Never Miss reminder:-

House Sun 7 Mar, 10pm - 11pm on Sky1
New. The Down Low: The scalpel-sharp drama returns to do the rounds, continuing its sixth season. Appearances prove to be deceptive when House and co treat drug dealer Mickey. (S6, ep 11) Also in HD

2nd March 2010, 21:50
really need to try and figure out where i'm up to with House. we missed the last batch on TV so downloaded them then my lappy broke and we haven't got them back again....where did the last episodes end? was it with Cutner thing? (trying to be vague in case i've actually seen more than has been shown on TV and ruin it for someone!) and Cameron and Chase splitting?

2nd March 2010, 22:15
No Kutner was last season. It ends with House being 'unwell' & that carries in to the new season.

2nd March 2010, 22:30
Ah, just had a look on wiki to see where i'm up to...missed episodes 9 and 10 of season 6 i think. Thought the Kutner thing was more recent than end of season 5, probably cos i'm still in shock! believe he went to work for Barack Obama in real life hence had to make a swift unplanned exit!