View Full Version : Do Sainsburys still sell Tim Tams ?

12th February 2010, 19:29
anyone seen these biscuits there? I can't check on line as I don't live near a delivery route.

Sudden craving for them.....

17th February 2010, 19:41
They are not showing on my 'online store' but our actual sainsburys is quite small so not sure whether they might stock them in a larger store?

17th February 2010, 22:55
what on earth are they? never seen them in mine

17th February 2010, 22:58
Tim tams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Tam) HTH, look a bit like Penguins to me!

18th February 2010, 08:49
havent been able to get these for ages at our Tesco which had them up until a year ago. Mind you best avoided make me homesick at this time of year. Our huge sainsburys had none yesterday either. might be able to get some delivered from the oz shop at covent garden but they would cost a fortune from there and only any good if youre really desperate.