View Full Version : Big button mobile phone - cheaper than ?50?

5th May 2010, 11:07
My FIL who lives with us is registered blind and consequently struggles to use a phone, I have seen one advertised at www.shoptelegraph.co.uk/18263 for ?49.99 but it still seems expensive, has anyone seen them any cheaper?

5th May 2010, 11:38
Same price as Maplin (http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=260922&C=brilliant1&U=P5%202010&T=big%20button%20mobile&gclid=CMma1p3muqECFQsFZgodRGfIPQ)
But I have a ?5 off voucher you can have if you PM your address:)

5th May 2010, 17:06
Is this one any good (priced at ?29.99 with free delivery):


5th May 2010, 17:15
Thanks, just looking at it now - I'm a bit concerned about it having a 'feature' of one button to call 999 - sounds like there might be some misdialled emergency calls!

I will see if I can find some reveiws.