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16th May 2010, 13:19
I think it's often the circumstances that make a memorable meal.

My best ever was in Croatia many years ago after a day out in the mountains (not dressed appropriately) and searching for somewhere to eat as we were cold, damp and hungry.

Eventually found an alpine style bar and asked if they did food -they said sorry but the best they could do was some soup.

Five minutes later this steaming tureen of home-made goulash soup appeared with crusty bread and put in the middle of the table. We all had about 3 bowls each - it was absolutely delicious and I've never tasted it's like since.:hungry::hungry:

16th May 2010, 15:19
Actually one of the best meals I have had was a soup.... a Clam Chowder soup eaten on Pier 39 in San Francisco done in a sour dough bread bowl with a sour dough bread lid piping hot absolutely delecious:) never tasted anything like it again.

16th May 2010, 15:28
Whatever happened to the Getting into Tesco winner? That was a soup in a bread roll.

16th May 2010, 16:54
My favorite:

A Christmas dinner many many years ago (well about 20) when my ex wife's late BIL invited us for Christmas dinner. He and his lodger cooked an amazing array of meats, veg, yorkshires etc etc, it was like a carvery at home! I think there was a power cut nearby and a couple of his single mates came round cos of that.

He had an old terraced house which hadn't been decorated for years, all the furniture quite dated but it had a lovely atmosphere, and he was a great guy. I remember that so well.

Another time ex and I went to a wine tasting in Italy. Lovely little vineyard and a table full of lots of different types of french bread and cheeses etc. Simple but fantastic.

Had some great meals with my mate in curry mile in Manchester, after a relaxed day in different pubs getting merry

Most meals at Polo's mums because she is such a fab cook!

16th May 2010, 21:25
our best ever was when OH and I went to Lake Garda with his parents about 10 years ago. OH and I had been there many times before so had done most of the sights so when the travel reps organised a mystery tour we decided to give it a go. we went up into the mountains to a small village, only half a dozen houses and one restaurant, by the side of a fab waterfall. the reps told us that the restaurant was owned by the mayor who was slightly mad ( dont know if they were joking or not)

anyway we all chose from the menu, ordered some drinks and waited. after about an hour of tasting various wines a really old man came running into the room waving a jar of something infront of everyone and jabbering away nineteen to the dozen. didnt have a clue what he was on about but the travel rep said that he had said all the menu was off and he would cook us some pasta. eventually the pasta arrived and it was the most fantastic tagliatelle Ive ever had - seems the jar he had been waving at us was a jar of truffles, best bit was the whole meal, including starters, desserts and wine cost us about ?2 each :D

17th May 2010, 00:55
hmmm this is a difficult question !!!!!!!!!

I've got 2 if its allowed lol.

1 would be in Vegas in a steak restaurant .... omg it was the best thing i've ever tasted in my life !!!!

2 would be in Portugal. 2 restaurants sitting side by side and couldnt be more different. One looked very posh n very nice, the one next door to it was a shack with a huge tatty old bbq they were just lighting. What swayed it for us was the fact we had just seen the owner walk off the beach where the boats had just come in with fresh fish. So with plastic carrier bag in hand he tipped out these fish onto the board n gutted them.
Well that was exactly what i wanted so mackeral n fries with salad was out of this world.

LOL i have simple needs sometimes lol

17th May 2010, 07:35
What a difficult question...hmm...

Think it would have to be on our first wedding anniversary. We were at a restaurant called the Witchery in Edinburgh which is just off the Castle esplanade, it is partly sunken, so that when you are sitting eating your meal you are slightly below street level so that when you look out all you see are people legs (sounds awful but it is really atmospheric - think real olde worlde - old style really deep quarter windows and 3 feet thick walls) It was a really foggy night and the festival was in full swing. Sitting eating your meal, drinking wine, in an atmospheric candle light michelin starred place, watching the massed bands, parades and horses all swirling in the fog outside(well, their legs anyway). It was truly out of this world. (ok, the bill wasn't but hey...:p)

Apart from that....watching the sun going down whilst eating feshly caught langoustine cooked on a pit BBQ, whilst camping by the sea shore in Mull, jsut after a group of us had all finished our finals at Uni.....on a very rare sunny and midge free day :p

OK, the food is important but I think it is the company, setting and atmosphere which make a truly memorable meal.

And perhaps we should also have a 'your worst meal' thread. :D