View Full Version : Warehouse 13

30th May 2010, 23:26
I think this show is the best family sci fi show for years, the story is about a warehouse like the one at the end of raiders of the lost ark where all the weird and wonderful artifacts from the world are taken and stored by highly secretive agency and presided over by an eccentric boffin who runs a pair of mulder and scully types to bring in the oddities before people get hurt,
The stories are original and pacy and take great liberties with history.
there is no bad language, reasonable violence, no gore and no product placement. It's fun undemanding entertainment that does not take itself at all seriously and I love it.
Not sure which freeview channel it's on, but it's a doddle to watch online at Tv shack or whatever, or download. It's good.

31st May 2010, 01:29
Thanks for that will look out.

Currently sci-fi wise I'm watching Babylon Five, I'm half way through the 5 season arc, don't know how I missed it, before, but I did! (it's very like Trek but better!) and Stargate Universe which is ok, but nowt special, guess I'm only watching it cos I was a big SG1/Atlantis fan. Bit like Caprica only really watching that cos I love BSG.