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31st May 2010, 18:28
hiya, just getting organised for our holidays in cornwall. Haven't been down for a couple of years so i'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas for places to go, eat etc. We're staying in st ives with three little ones - 5, 3, 1 and my parents so i'm especially interested in ideas if it chucks it down! I've already got my deals for pizza express in st ives but am open to and very grateful for suggestions! Cheers jen

31st May 2010, 18:49
I am so pleased that I can help you out here as my parents live in St Ives and we have been going down for 40 odd years :D

Firstly have a look at dairyland - http://www.dairylandfarmworld.com/

Definitely the right age for your children :D

31st May 2010, 18:51
Can you give me an idea of what you as a family like to do and whether your little ones are boys, girls or both :D

Also do you have National Trust membership or membership to the Royal British Legion? My reason for asking is that I can recommend some fab beaches (National Trust parking) and the RBL in St Ives does an awesome Sunday lunch which the adults would struggle to eat due to the masses they give you

Also do you like car boot sales?

31st May 2010, 21:11
that's brilliant - thanks uklego. Kids are two boys 5 3 and my little girl is just off 2. We haven't got national trust membership - not sure if my parents have, and no joy on the legion. Where is it in st ives? Can't wait - need a break! Jen

2nd June 2010, 10:00
Flambards down Helston is well worth a visit...lots of things for wee ones and adults alike.
Also Paradise Park...you can feed penguins and pots of nectar to birds.
I would recommend looking in local paper for money off deals as they always run them and Flambards is on clubcard deals.
I've been Cornwall 10 years running!

3rd June 2010, 11:16
Soz not to get back to you sooner - I was at Legoland yesterday :D

The Royal British Legion is on the main road out of St Ives called The Stennack (not the one that goes past the bus station) but the road that goes up to the swimming pool. Here is the address

The Royal British Legion
Higher Stennack
St. Ives TR26 1DB
01736 796294

Our favourite beach is a NT beach called Kynance Cove (near The Lizard). If you go at low tide it goes into another part where the children can run in and out of the caves. It also has a lovely cafe. You can combine the day out with a visit to the chocolate making at Mullion Meadows (scrummy chocolate and you can see it being made)
Here are some Google images for Kynance - http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&source=imghp&q=kynance+cove&gbv=2&aq=0&aqi=g2&aql=&oq=kynance+&gs_rfai=
and here is the link for the chocolate - http://www.mullionmeadows.co.uk/trenance-chocolate.html

We also love going to The Eden Project but our children are older

Are you there now or when do you leave?

Do let us know where you visit as it is always good to see Cornwall through someone else's eyes

3rd June 2010, 17:16
our fave beach is godrevy - if you want free nt parking simply get one of your children a child membership, it says online its ?22 but im sure they have offers on, as car parking was ?4 there last time we went and if you go to other NT beaches it soon pays for itself.

i didnt like kynance cove too much - when we went there were an awful lot of steps to climp down and quite a hike to carry all the stuff kids need, maybe its better now cos a couple of weeks after we came back the steps collapsed and killed a couple of people!

flambards is expensive, keep an eye out in local papers for tokens for free or reduced entry. our fave for wet weather is goonhilly, usually discount vouchers for that in the little tourist mag type thing that's everywhere. just checked and it says closed this year, thats a shame

landsend is also expensive, everything is charged separately, although ive just looked and it says you can buy a family ticket http://www.landsend-landmark.co.uk/tickets.php the firework display is usually ok but we go just before it gets dark http://www.landsend-landmark.co.uk/events.php

lost gardens of heligan are nice, our kids used to like it there http://www.heligan.com/

if the weather is in anyway reasonable coenwall is the best place to visit especially with kids, last time we went 2 years ago the weather was so poor we came home early, last year our friends went and again had poor weather - hopefully this year should be good!!!

18th June 2010, 20:51
Hi everyone,
Had a fantastic week in St Ives - the most amazing house http://www.stivesholidays.co.uk/year2010/chan12.htm far nicer than ours! In the end the weather was good enough to spend the time on the beach - we went to Sennen Cove which was great and also made it to Flambards with deals (far too expensive without those and not the best value for money - but it was very quiet which was brilliant for the kids).
Pizza Express opens in St Ives in the summer but we did have an amazing meal at Porthminster Beach Cafe (thanks mum and dad for babysitting).
Other than that we didn't go too far - we wanted to go to Dollar Cove or Kynance but the kids weren't keen!

Thanks to everyone!

21st June 2010, 12:52
Wow Jenni, that sounds great!!

How long was the journey? We are near Coventry and the thought of a very long drive with my 2 boys bored puts us off!



21st June 2010, 13:03
Glad you enjoyed your holiday down here :-) for anyone visiting Creally can now be visited using deals and our kids enjoy it much more than Flambards..

I like St Ives but gets way too busy during the summer months so we tend to visit it during the winter.. the same with Kynance Cove tbh