View Full Version : express 24 hour delivery question....

15th July 2010, 18:57
Really need my lovely local Postie Paula for this I suspect, but anyone with knowledge is quite welcome to help me too!

I have an item coming which has been despatched to me by Royal Mail Express 24 service. Therefore I expect it will be arriving with me tomorrow! I am unhelpfully out at work all day - is this the sort of delivery that will be sent back to the sorting office so it can be picked up later, or is this a different "courier" type delivery that will disappear elsewhere?

Thanks as ever lovely people!

15th July 2010, 20:08
I had this and they dropped it into my local post office for collection - not sure if thats the norm though?? Usaully i have to go to my sorting office when red slips are put through - but this was a white slip :)

15th July 2010, 20:21
Thank you....hope it's a nice straightforward local pickup....