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28th July 2010, 18:10
i know some of you have them near you , they are a bit like Home Bargains well today I got Freixnet Cava there for ?4.99 not sure of full price but reckon that is a good deal
Going to use it in cooking well making icecream and some raspberry fizz.

28th July 2010, 20:56
It's a great store for getting bargains, I like to go in and have a look around every so often :)

1st August 2010, 11:12
I get a lot of dog supplies from B&M and when I went in last week they had a 10kg bag of Vitalin Royale complete dog food for ?4.99.

My dog absolutely loves it - when I put the first scoop in her dog bowl I didn't realise you needed to put liquid with it but she was wolfing it down as I tried to take it back to put some gravy in. Normally I get the complete biscuit type of dog food but this is a bit like muesli with some biscuits in.

I did a quick google and the cheapest I could see was ?10.99 a bag.

Their treats are also really good value - 4 rawhide shoes for 89p, mixed bag of treats 79p and great big squeaky bone toys for 99p.


1st August 2010, 21:31
oh my god i love b&ms for pop crisps doggy stuff home decs etc and not so long ago they opened a new one in baguley, oh yes right over the road! so now my local corner shop is b&ms haha:)

3rd August 2010, 08:50
got Princes tinned Crab yesterday 79p
So thats a good SW lunch today...Crab stuffed tomatoes,yummy.