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13th September 2010, 00:43
i went outside for a cigarette at 9.45pm and noticed that it was VERY dark at my neighbours house (she is approaching 75, a widow, and had a minor stroke about a year ago) now, we are not that close but i did go round when we had the snow to get her some milk etc. she always has an outside light on and goes to bed between 10-10.30 so i was naturally concerned to see the house in darkness. came in..what to do, so i phoned her and (luckily) she answered. she said that she was alarmed by the phone going at that time of night and i explained that i was concerned, but her outside bulb had gone apparently. i feel bad for upsetting her but i said that i would not have been able to sleep if i hadn't have checked up! i think i will go round tomorrow to apologise and maybe ask it she would like me to have her son's tel no. (dd1 has his daughters addy, but not much good in an emergency) oh what a fool i feel, i shot off the phone as i was so embarrased but she did thank me for phoning. i will offer to change the bulb, but i know she won't let me... she likes to pay people to do her jobs (gardeners, fencers, window cleaners, painters etc)

13th September 2010, 00:54
Don't worry about it. I'm sure she will be grateful that you are looking out for her. I always worry when the phone rings late evening, but I'd be glad to know that someone cared enough to ring.

13th September 2010, 01:38
She's probably gone to bed smiling knowing that someone cared enough about her and noticed something untoward. You did a responsble and kind thing.

Homer J Simpson
13th September 2010, 01:38
Not a fool at all, if there were more people like you the world would be in a better place.

13th September 2010, 06:47
much rather a little embarassment than a long time of regret - I think she would be pleased - I know I would be

13th September 2010, 07:45
My elderly MIL lives alone and we'd be delighted if a neighbour did that, and she would be too.

13th September 2010, 07:45
Totally agree with everyone else - you did the right thing

13th September 2010, 08:03
What a lovely thing to do:)

13th September 2010, 08:14
This reminds me of the time I found a confused elderly lady wandering around, she was there when I went up to the school and still there when I got back so I stopped and asked her where she lived. She could only remember it was a white front door which could have been any as they were all double glazed, so I took her home, gave her some tea and biccies and phoned the Police to see if she'd been reported missing. They wanted to know if she had anything in her handbag to identify her, as if I could go through it to find out! After a while her daughter and grand-daughter (who looked as if she worked for Police or ambulance as she had a uniform on) turned up and were quite annoyed with her and took her home. I know people have to work but would they have left a toddler wandering about?

13th September 2010, 09:51
You should be proud of yourself that you cared enough to check.

13th September 2010, 09:58
You definitely did the right thing, don't feel foolish at all.

13th September 2010, 10:33
def the right thing to do, and I am sure that she was very grateful (((((()))))))

and I think that was fantastic what you did as well MelRoccan, xxx

13th September 2010, 12:10
You Def did the right thing! In my job I see people who don't have such caring neighbours who have been found after lying on the floor for hours even days and can end up very poorly so well done you for caring!

13th September 2010, 14:33
thank you for all your kind and reassuring words. the lady has just phoned to thank me as she said she might have seemed a little short with me on the phone last night. i asked if she would like me to have her sons tel. no which she gave me (although he does live 200+ miles away) she told me that she does have one of those personal alarms, which is good. i also said if she wanted to let me know if she was going away and i could just watch her house for her. offered to change her bulb, but as expected i wasn't taken up on it.

13th September 2010, 15:28
That was good of her to call, I bet she is delighted someone is kind enough to keep an eye out for her - well done you.

13th September 2010, 20:06
I think you're really lovely for checking up and not a fool at all. I always worry if anyone would notice anything out of sorts when DH works away. To know someone is looking out for you is the loveliest thing ever. People should have more neighbours like you.

13th September 2010, 20:19
I think you did the right thing too. If you have her sons number thats good but in this situation by phoning him you are just involving someone else in ultimately getting worried and phoning her at the same time anyway? At least if there was no answer you can now contact him though.

13th September 2010, 22:03
I think you did the right thing too. If you have her sons number thats good but in this situation by phoning him you are just involving someone else in ultimately getting worried and phoning her at the same time anyway? At least if there was no answer you can now contact him though.

yes, although i felt a fool for pestering her at that time of night i was very relieved that she answered, otherwise i would have felt compelled to go knock the door (we are semi-rural...long drives and all that) no answer? then what, 999 shudder. at least now i have a point of call.

17th September 2010, 22:11
you did the right thing, our elderly neighbours light wasn't on one night so i sent oh round, she was v touched that we were bothered, she had fallen asleep and it had got dark but was amazed that we had noticed she wasn't ok. sadly she is no longer with us - but that's what being a good neighbour is all about