View Full Version : Hero Catches Escalator Fall Boy

19th September 2010, 09:15
what a catch - wonder if the guy is going to go in goal for Turkey

looks like the lad grabbed hold of the rail at side and went up with i!


19th September 2010, 09:27
This was on the news a few months back and truely scary stuff...

19th September 2010, 09:38
That's one very lucky little boy. Where were the parents I wonder? :(

19th September 2010, 10:38
Where on earth were his parents?

19th September 2010, 10:45
Where on earth were his parents?

i did wonder that

19th September 2010, 10:51
Mine are not allowed to wonder even a few feet from me especially in shopping centers..

19th September 2010, 12:00
I thought the man who caught him was his dad, he was standing by him at the bottom of the escalator, walked to the left then came back, either looking for the boy or had heard him shout.

Just watched again, I don't think the boy called out as no one else stopped or looked in his direction. One lucky boy.