View Full Version : airmiles...how do find a non ba flight?

14th November 2010, 13:47
can you use the points on non ba flights from uk? everything i try just shows ba up!

14th November 2010, 14:26
After you have searched for a flight, as long as the date is not availible with BA you can select "Check other options". This then shows you non-ba flights.

Be aware though, that as airmiles is owned by BA, the other flight options will ususally be pay only (and extremeley expensive to boot).

The best option is to ring them if you are after a particular flight time as they can see more than is on the web.

14th November 2010, 14:32
Reiterate to ring them, if you don't get someone helpful then ring again.
I have been told they couldn't sell something last week, phoned up the next day and was told they did and given a very good miles price!