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sweetiepie's mum
17th November 2010, 23:30
I have a seven year old boy and a six year old girl who have everything.

I seriously DO NOT know what to get them for Christmas. They have the dses, bikes and the Wii and I am completely stumped.

Any ideas will be appreciated. The little things are fine but what big pressies can I get them??!!!:confused:

17th November 2010, 23:39
Don't get them any. If there's nothing they are pleading for, they have enough

Homer J Simpson
17th November 2010, 23:39
No offense, but why get them anything big if they have everything already ?

Maybe some money in a savings account or some premium bonds.

17th November 2010, 23:44
why does everybody focus on material things these days. If they have everything surely they need nothing ??? a child can never have enough love so spoil them with that

17th November 2010, 23:56
what are they into? Do they have favourite characters/tv programmes etc? What do they like to do? Are they sporty? A camera perhaps?

boy - lego, paper jamz guitars/drums, games for the ds/wii, football strip

girl - moxie dolls, monster high dolls, hair/make up/nail varnish/toiletries, clothes, hair curler/straighteners

Give us a bit more info and I'll try to suggest some stuff :)

18th November 2010, 00:04

this was on offer at ?119 at Sainsburys today although I couldn't see it on their website. It's been in store for quite a while, first at ?179, then ?139.

I did consider it for my six yr old but she tends to play on my netbook so thought I'd wait a couple of years then get her one of her own.

18th November 2010, 00:08
hair/make up/nail varnish/toiletries, clothes, hair curler/straighteners


The child is SIX years old!!!

18th November 2010, 00:12

The child is SIX years old!!!

:lol: yeah, so is mine, she has all that stuff, the girlie variety

18th November 2010, 00:14
what about a time capsule hamper each (massive docrated cardboard bos/pillowcase with loads of wrapped bit inside)

Fill it with board games and dressing up bits each. Or a massive crafts and messy stuff hamper. then a promise that you'll have a roll back time without tv/tech day to explore it all together during the holidays.

18th November 2010, 00:24
Do the same as us - I looked at their pitiful pile the other night and felt a bit mean as they have eight pressies each to open including their small selection boxes and colouring books, think I have spent about ?60 on both of them:) There are their stockings but they only have titchy things in.

But, I have also returned (for the second yr running) some items as I know My Mum has gone mad - 'they like the Disney Princess Barbies' I said - my Mother then went and got all the dolls, car, horse, dressing up clothes . . . . .along with my sister. My Fil is getting them a big Thomas the Tank set and then there are Sil's, Nieces and Aunties and Uncles who will all buy for them - bring it on, the more they get them the less we spend:D

My girls never get enough of crafty stuff and you could then put some money in their accounts or give them a homemade Day out token for somewhere like Legoland in the spring?

18th November 2010, 08:27
We have the same problem with our kids every year so we buy a holiday and wrap it up and put it in a box. Also in the box we put some thing useful for when they are there ie googles, money, print outs of the hotel, area etc....

My kids love it and it is so easy to do and inexpensive if you are thinking of booking a holiday anyway. just make sure you leave it till the last thing they open because nothing else is quite as good :D

18th November 2010, 08:49
My two got absolutely loads each year when they were small - family and lots of friends bought for them too.

If there is nothing big they need - put some money away in an account for them - my children have quite a good bank account but I know others that have nothing

sweetiepie's mum
18th November 2010, 09:42
Thank you for all your kind suggestions.

What he is really into at the moment is the Mario brothers on his Wii but I can't seem to find any dressing up costumes for the Mario bros.

She loves her dolls and what I saw on one of the shopping channels a few years back when she was too small for it, was this amazing interactive doll that could chat about anything and everything.

Any ideas please???

18th November 2010, 13:59


hope that's what you're after x

kirsty's mam
18th November 2010, 14:10
Thank you for all your kind suggestions.

What he is really into at the moment is the Mario brothers on his Wii but I can't seem to find any dressing up costumes for the Mario bros.

Any ideas please???

I haven't seen Mario dressing up stuff but Next have nice Mario t-shirts and sweatshirts. x

Second Born
18th November 2010, 14:18
Instead of giving them a present, make them each a coupon for a day out with you. They get to pick what you do (you can list choices if you want to limit it), and you spend the whole day concentrating on them and what they like. Kids love to be the centre of attention and have an adult really interested in what they're doing.

Make it two separate days out, so each has the chance to be the star of the day.

19th November 2010, 19:28
My kids have also got everything but still manage to think of things they want!

I'm allergic to pretty much all animals and birds - DS wants a cockatiel or a parakeet!

19th November 2010, 20:47
amazon have mario dressing up outfits i'm sure

20th November 2010, 00:25
give them the argos book (or tesco) and ask them to pick out ..im sure they will give you ideas

although i said to my two i was going to wrap up half of last yrs christmas and give it to charity as they havent looked at some of more than once or twice ( havent got the space to keep it all ..)

what about sponser and animal my eldest was on about that for her birthday

...my dad is getting us a week in haven this christmas for next july ..so only spending and travel to pay ( mr t has taken care of days out lol)

20th November 2010, 10:42
I have to say the same as many others, if they don't need anything big then they really won't mind not having anythig big. save ya money, or if your insistent on giving them something why not 20 ?1 coins for their saving jars maybe kids that age love counting their money lol

20th November 2010, 12:37
also it doesnt have to be something to "use"

what about tickets for a day out / trip / annual pass to somewhere local / concert / musical etc ?