View Full Version : Sainsburys wine Chablis 13 a bottle or 2 for 10

23rd November 2010, 18:19
Apparently these are 13.99 a bottle but 2 for 10.

Not a bad deal, but I am sure this Chablis used to be more like 8.99 a bottle.

I think big stores are getting away with this deception all too often these days. Anyway, still a good deal, even if they were originally 8.99 a bottle.

Oyster Bay Sauv Blanc also on 2 for 10 from 8.99 a bottle :)

23rd November 2010, 18:30
Asda have one on offer


23rd November 2010, 18:36
Thanks Mhoc :) - no ASDA near me but useful for those that do. I also had a 4.50 off 30 spend coupon so was a very good deal :D