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1st December 2010, 11:57
Hi just got DS a DSi for christmas from sainsburys, can anyone recommend any suitable simplish games for a 5 yr old boy please?

1st December 2010, 12:08
I've bought dd2 one for Xmas too, she's six. I have got Shrek Forever After, Junior Brain Training, AstroBoy, Horrid Henry, Ice Age 3 etc. will pm you with some others x

1st December 2010, 12:26
My ds loves any of the Mario ones - Winter Olympics, Mario Kart etc....

Also loves the Lego ones - there is a new Lego Harry Potter one too.

1st December 2010, 13:22
Lego Harry Potter and Lego Battles and Carnival are fantastic!

1st December 2010, 13:25
any lego ones are always my boys fav! they also both like peppa pig although its really simple

1st December 2010, 14:21
Thanks guys, will def look at shrek and lego as he loves that. Just found the junior brain trainer 1/2 on tesco ent. for ?9.99 but not sure which to get.
Love Mario but they are all the more expensive games and i'm tight lol.
We already have peppa pig on the wii and think its the same games possibly? It has a happy mrs chicken game on it.

1st December 2010, 14:34
My ds has Lego Star wars, and lego Batman. Also Pokemon games :)

1st December 2010, 14:55
My 5 yr old loves mario Kart and Mario super bros!

1st December 2010, 16:00
No good being tight when it comes to these games, Mario is always favourite and whenever I've bought cheaper ones they just don't get played so false economy. I have 4 sons, youngest is 8 now and Mario is his favourite too.

1st December 2010, 19:10
mario winter olympics is pick of the week on play.com

1st December 2010, 19:40
I'd get games themed on whatever/whoever he likes at the moment. There are games for most characters/programmes on tv - ben 10, toy story 3, club penguin etc

7th November 2011, 12:36
Just resurrecting this thread as we ahve bought ds 5 a DS for christmas, just wondering what game to buy? The problem is his older brother has got mario kart, super mario bros, ben 10, toy story 3, lego star wars, pokemon, junior brain trainer. I know he will borrow all of these but wanted to get just one game that would be his IYKWIM. Any new ones come out that would be good? I need one tht is 3+ not 7+ otherwise he will just get frustrated if it is too hard

7th November 2011, 13:34
what about moushi monsters or kirby , zelda

7th November 2011, 14:20

8th November 2011, 11:50
Thanks I will look at all of these:)