View Full Version : Help please - x-box games for boys age 10 & 12

2nd December 2010, 17:33
Help please! I know nothing about x-boxes or the preferences of boys, but have been asked to get a game suitable for 10 & 12 year olds. As I have no idea what games they have already it needs to be a new one that they are unlikely to have already.
Please can someone give me a clue! I don't even know what I should expect to pay!
Thank you....

janice mac
2nd December 2010, 17:39
you need to find out what sort of games they are "in to". Also, there are lots of games that 10 and 12 year olds play but are age reccomended for 15 or 18's. I would check with their parents if that is ok before buying. If you are looking at buuying one of the new games expect to pay 30 - 40 each.

Pop into game - they have some deals on expensive games like 6.99 or 9.99 if you buy another item, you can combine them so could get 2 games for 20 instead of 80. If you only want one of these games you can just buy something in there for 1.99 to save quite a bit.

2nd December 2010, 17:53
Get a voucher from game - they will love to go and spend half a day in there!

I have asked my two - who don't have an xbox what the neighbours have - the only reply was call of duty - otherwisw known as COD . But, it is an older game. Really as above post you need to ask the parents.

2nd December 2010, 17:55
Oh they think the neighbours have guitar hero for it.

2nd December 2010, 17:56
I have got my daughter who is 10 at her request, Call of duty modern warfare... They will also have Lego Harry Potter, Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman for xmas.

2nd December 2010, 18:02
Thank you all - they would not be allowed anything 'age inappropriate' - do xbox games come with ratings like films? If so, nothing higher than 12A. OK, I've checked - they do.
They are into cars, motorbikes, sport, 'shooting' games (according to my girls!) - but probably unknown to their mother..... They are not 'street-wise' and anything very violent would not be permitted by their mum.

Have just looked on Amazon - I see a Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows, and F1 and world motor rallying games, so possibly one of those?

2nd December 2010, 18:27
forza3 is a racing car game - not sure what it is like. need for speed- they say that is good and midnight club L.A. Fifa 11 - think their brains are defrosting abit - lol.

Tell you what, I think we all start out saying they are not playing the 'older' games but.........

2nd December 2010, 20:01
I can highly recommend the Lego games for the Xbox,my son who is 5 and a half loves playing these games,he`s a little too young to play them all on his own as he gets stuck at some parts,then i have to step in and help out,but then end up playing the game for ages as i really enjoy them too! We have Lego Batman,Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. Batman and Indy can be brought very cheap as are quite old games now.