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23rd January 2011, 18:38
Just had a offer on Ba site upgrade to World Traveller plus and earn an additional 2840 BA Miles and 30 Tier Points 75 for upgrade
Good or Bad for cash trip?

> Your flight itinerary details
> -----------------------------
> Outbound
> Flight number: BA0275
> From: Heathrow (London)
> To: McCarran Intl (Las Vegas)
> Depart: 14 Sep 2011 16:25
> Arrive: 14 Sep 2011 18:45
> Class: World Traveller Plus
> Operated by: British Airways
> Inbound
> Flight number: BA0274
> From: McCarran Intl (Las Vegas)
> To: Heathrow (London)
> Depart: 18 Sep 2011 20:45
> Arrive: 19 Sep 2011 14:30
> Class: World Traveller Plus
> Operated by: British Airways
> Total price quote: GBP 1967.26 (Price not guaranteed*)

23rd January 2011, 18:42
id probably do it for that like

23rd January 2011, 19:33
I would at that price. Seems a good offer.

23rd January 2011, 20:54
You would be mad, absolutely mad, to refuse this unless you are down to your last 75 (in which case, don't go to Vegas).

The flight is 12 hours, so you are effectively paying 6 per hour (or 3 if it is 75 for a return) to massively upgrade your level of comfort (OK, its still the same food and still a seat not a bed, but the extra leg room is good and makes all the difference). You will also be front of the queue for an upgrade to Business Class if the flight is full.

You also get an extra slug of BA Miles which are worth c 25.

More importantly .... if seats become available, you will be available to upgrade yourselves to Club World flat bed for 12,500 BA Miles per person, each way. This is an outstanding deal for a flight of this length. You could get 22,000 BA Miles for just 35 via the Amex Preferred Gold card (see thread in this section) and then buy the extra 3k.

23rd January 2011, 20:55
dont forget first in line for choice of meals as well so guaranteed to get what you want

23rd January 2011, 21:05
You are paying quite a premium for flying BA though. Expedia for the same dates has Economy flights for 516 return, albeit not on BA and not direct, requiring a change either in Europe or the US.

23rd January 2011, 21:19
bite their hand off !!

24th January 2011, 13:25
Seems expensive to me..

24th January 2011, 16:09
Seems expensive to me..

youve got to be joing 37.50 each leg? for the difference or doyou not know the differenc

25th January 2011, 11:09
Seems expensive to me..

Are you seriously saying you wouldn't pay the equivalent of 3 per hour to upgrade from economy? (And 1 of that comes straight back in additional air miles, so net 2 / hour)

25th January 2011, 11:33
Seems expensive to me..

I think they probably meant the fare of 1900+ that the OP gave rather than the upgrade fee?

25th January 2011, 16:18
Oh yes, 1900 for 2 in Economy to the US West Coast is a shocker. As I pointed out earlier, if the OP wants to change planes they can do it on the same day for c 500 each.

26th January 2011, 11:33
Everytime I scan the title to this thread i read it as bra upgrade! Must concentrate more!