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9th March 2011, 21:31
This may be a bit premature but DD came home from college today and told me there are ossible strikes which could affect all Spanish airports, DD is on a air operations course so I decided to check the news and yes apparently they are due to start at Easter and could run for months!!!
We are due to go end of June, does anyone know who would pay out if they have to cancel our holiday, or do I have to claim on insurance, worried about getting the full 4x back, really want my holiday grrrr

9th March 2011, 21:41
i dont think strikes are usually covered under holiday insurance - we are due to fly on 21 April which i think is the day of one of the strikes - currently looking to see if we would be using Spanish airspace

9th March 2011, 22:54
thanks for posting Meemo, I hadnt heard anything about this. We are due to fly to Menorca on 12th May and return on 19th May. just found this list of strike dates, looks like we could be ok going but not coming back :eek:

8 March Spanish airport strike dates announced today.

20, 21, 24, 25 and 30 April

2, 14, 15, 19 and 20 May

13, 23 and 30 June

1, 2, 3, 4, 15 and 31 July.

9th March 2011, 23:05
Oh no I hope they sort things or there will be a lot of disappointed people, we go June 28 till 5th I think so might be ok... Fingers crossed

10th March 2011, 08:14
Noooo. We were booked to go Portugal the day of the last Spanish one day strike and therefore we had to cancel everything - lost our money on the airport transfer with ResortHoppa and our parking at Luton airport. We have rebooked to go 27 -30 April. Thanks for the warning - off to the Easyjet website now.

10th March 2011, 12:55
Surely this is a tourism disaster for spain. Unemployment is very high there, without tourism things would be much worse . Hopefully for this reason it will get sorted.
we fly to mallorca in August and would loose about ?900 paid as deposit on a villa :(