View Full Version : light up t shirts

11th March 2011, 08:16
hi does anyone know of a shop that sell light up t shirts for men ?? like ...
i am in essex and left it too late to order online for my hubbys b day :( , many thanks xx

11th March 2011, 08:20
Loads on ebay and amazon :)

11th March 2011, 10:38
thank you , but i really need a shop that sells them so i can go pick one up :)

c'est moi
11th March 2011, 17:54
I saw loads in Camden market, but don't know of any shops that sell them, sorry.

12th March 2011, 10:39
think mine came from the gadget shop last year but I couldnt find a store locator for them when I looked online sorry, M x