View Full Version : Ebid - anyone use it?

22nd March 2011, 08:40
I've just been looking at ebid this morning and trying to figure out how it works.

Does anyone use it and what do they think?

I was thinking of listing some books to start with - I list a few on amazon and greenmetropolis already.

With ebay on the free listing weekends by the time you have relisted everything that did not sell last time and added a few more things, (a very slow process as you cant use the turbo lister) you can very easily get to the maximum number of items allowed for private sellers.

22nd March 2011, 09:07
I used it about 10 years ago and had no issues, QXL was good too. However a lot can change in 10 years.

G x

22nd March 2011, 09:43
I last used it about 6 years ago - no probs here either.

12th May 2011, 18:57
I'm bumping this because I'm seriously thinking of their latest offer

SELLER+ Lifetime May Offer

Free T-shirt * Zero Listing Fees * Zero Final Value Fees * 5 Free Photos * 5 Free eBid Stores * Uploads to Google Shopping * Import from eBay * Unlimited Listings * For Life.

Ebay are just plain greedy - my thought is that if more folk get disgruntled, ebid could take off and this is a fab offer.

Is it worth a punt - what do you think?

14th May 2011, 23:11
I use ebid and have 1-2 sales per week on there but on ebay in the same time I sells an average of 400-600 products, despite offering lower prices on ebid. There aren't many buyers which means there aren't many sellers to attract more buyers unfortunately as a real competitor to ebay would stop them being so greedy and treating their sellers like s***. :tongue1: