View Full Version : Returning Tesco clubcard deals

14th April 2011, 07:38
Hi, I cashed in ?652 worth of tokens for ?2525 in P&O deals (4X & 3X) but cant get the cruise I want without adding another ?1500, so I am going to return the deals.
Has anyone ever returned such a large amount is it best to return them all together or in smaller amounts like when I ordered them.
some will expire end of April will I still have time to return them without losing some of them?

PLEASE :help:



14th April 2011, 07:41
I suppose it depends if they all came out of the same account -if they did I would prob send them all back together - special delivery - so there is only one cost.

14th April 2011, 09:53
best of luck .....

14th April 2011, 15:35
Thank-you for replying. They were from 3 accounts me, DH & DS. I don't know which vouchers belong to who as they all have our surname only.
Do you think this will be a problem?



14th April 2011, 15:42
I am not sure as I have not had to return any deals ..... yet

If the are all the same surname and house it should be ok

10th May 2011, 07:31
Hi, I returned all deals by special delivery. I paid for the extra insurance to cover ?2500.
Good news they have all been credited back to the accounts they came from and will show on my May statement.

I can relax now.

Thank-you for your help.


10th May 2011, 18:52
I recently returned some converted deals that were due to expire, with nice covering letter from me.

I must ahve had no idea what account they came from assumed it was mine but other half got a letter today saying sorry he couldn't use his deals and they would be recredited :o so they can obvioulsy work it out at their end so to speak.

12th May 2011, 00:34
Each voucher has a unique code on it so they can work out who's account a voucher came from and re-credit the value if they need to.