View Full Version : Chicken Breast Fillets & Spaghetti

20th June 2011, 13:10

I'm not much of a cook!! I need some ideas/suggestions/help please.

I have the Chicken Breast Fillets - I have some spaghetti - (ok I guess some different type of pasta might be better - but spaghetti will do for now!)

What I don't know is what to add to it - I'm guessing I need some pesto sauce? What other herbs/veg do I need to add?
Peppers? Mushrooms? Ginger?

Any ideas please?

Many thanks

20th June 2011, 13:48
chunk the chicken cook in garlic and olive oil. Add onions and mushrooms and when all cooked through add some cream (dont boil) and ladle on top of the cooked ( sep pan)
spaghetti. good luck

20th June 2011, 15:02
i would chop and fry chicken with onion and whastever else(peppers mushrooms etc) then add small tub single cream and a chicken oxo to thicken to make a sauce, i often do this with bacon or ham and beef oxo or spoon of marmite:)

makes a quick meal

20th June 2011, 17:42
thx for ideas - I will give it a try.