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5th July 2011, 18:30
sat waiting for the phone call of "pick me up from station" only to find that its been delayed by 34 minutes so far.

Has anyone had any success in claiming via this?



5th July 2011, 19:13
Yes, I claimed for my Mum last year. Sent them a very simple letter ('I attach my tickets for compensation in respect of the delay to the XXXXX on XXXX') and she got a chunk of rail travel vouchers in the post after a couple of weeks. Only snag is that the vouchers obviously need to be used at a station or travel agent and not online which makes using them a bit of a drag if you always buy in advance. No need to go into lengthy details in your letter, they know exactly how late every train is and can quickly check if you are entitled.

5th July 2011, 19:30
Cheers raffles - 40 mins late and the ticket as about 160 I think so 80 back - enough for a decent meal for me as recompense ;)

6th July 2011, 06:44
Just remember it is rail vouchers you get back, not a cheque. But yes if these can be offset against the next journey then a nice meal!

Also note if it was a ?160 return, the compensation is 50% of the return cost, ie 50% of ?80 not ?160.

6th July 2011, 16:24
Different train companies have different delay periods before compensation is paid. Chiltern is 30 minutes and First Great Western is 1 hour. So check what your company has as its period.

(Chiltern is very punctual and rarely pays out.)

7th July 2011, 07:27
if its a virgin train they sometimes try to fob you but stick at it as they do eventually pay

7th July 2011, 08:51
East coast mainline tickets was 280 return!!! Delay of 40 mins companies 50% of the journey sl probs about 70

14th September 2011, 17:51
There is a short article about this here: http://www.myconsumerintel.co.uk/ItemWithComments.aspx?type=Blog&articleID=1916

15th September 2011, 09:33
There is a short article about this here: http://www.myconsumerintel.co.uk/ItemWithComments.aspx?type=Blog&articleID=1916

Interesting, so if a lot of angry customers wanted to put a spanner in the works or create a protest they could all get on trains and one of them kick up a fuss to delay train and all the rest of the group claim compensation.

Maybe take it in turns and get police in at every station.

Could make a good passenger exploit.

15th September 2011, 14:29
we are with scotrail.. notorious fo cancelling our local trains at short notice ..usually the weather to blame ..we live on the coast so they know the waves nad the rain are expected