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6th September 2011, 20:38
The title says it all ... I don't really like the city that much and hate the underground!

Will be staying at Kingsley hotel ( I think) and dropping stuff off about 10am and need to be back there by about 4ish. Now not sure but think hotel is near Covent Garden - using tesco points is out of question as is too late.

So looking for cheap ideas - don't mind walking as rather enjoy it - and please. No suggestions of shopping - also is there anyway to see what's on in Covent garden?

Cheers all

6th September 2011, 20:47

May tell you whats on.

6th September 2011, 20:48
www.londonforfree.net, nuff said :D

6th September 2011, 20:49
Thanks - should have also said this will be on back of an overnight flight from USA - will check out the link much appreciated x

6th September 2011, 20:49
If a nice day I could spend 6 hours just around Covent Garden watching all the shows - I think they change over about every 1/2 hour.

Regents Park is lovely too.

But I love London and everything in it even the Underground :D

6th September 2011, 20:58
Sounds like I just need to find myself a good spot pray the weather is fine on Friday and then relax more and have a few drinks - sounds good

6th September 2011, 20:58
Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum Giz? Even without children there's plenty to see and there's bound to be something that interests you, and it's freeeee :D. I enjoyed just walking along the riverbank near the Eye and taking in the sights and watching street performers etc. Plus if you stick to the river it's hard to get lost ;).

Poundsinbucks x

6th September 2011, 21:00
www.londonforfree.net, nuff said :D

Lol - am on mobile and just keep getting USA sites so all help appeeciates

6th September 2011, 21:02
Yeah embankment walk is nice - mind you it may l end up being me dropping my stuff in hotel then falling asleep if I don't get sleep on flight - oh don't have that luxury has a conference in North London - poor lad .../

6th September 2011, 21:02
Opera House in Covent Garden does backstage tours for a tenner or so most days during the day, bookable online

6th September 2011, 21:13
I had an afternoon to kill in Covent garden and when my legs were tired I went to the apple store which has chairs and had a play on the iPad for half an hour. I had a big breakfast at the hotel and was stuffed so didn't want a cafe. It was perfect timing as it was peeing it down and I had my three children with me. We went to the science museum when we had recharged ourselves.

6th September 2011, 21:13
What about an afternoon show - lion king and legally blonde are just below covent garden - might be an idea if the weather is bad

When we went down the warhorse one was on in covent garden which had good reviews - I went down with DD and we saw legally blonde one evening as we stayed in covent garden and it was good

If its a good day a nice walk in the parks is good - just people watching

7th September 2011, 12:57

Gosh 6 hours to kill in London, I would just walk & take in the free sights if you don't like the tube. Can quite easily walk from buck house, trafalger square to covent garden, watch street entertainers, walk along embankment & get a coffee and watch the world go by.

7th September 2011, 16:02
M & M's world has just opened in Leicester Square..............mmmmmm

Not far from Covent Garden

7th September 2011, 21:58
Not such a boring place London Hopefully Giz will find somethime to enjoy. Going to see The Railway Children tonight but must say that War Horse is amazing :o

8th September 2011, 21:43
always fancied a visit to the sanctuary spa.

janice mac
9th September 2011, 10:34
Not such a boring place London Hopefully Giz will find somethime to enjoy. Going to see The Railway Children tonight but must say that War Horse is amazing :o

Did you enjoy Railway Children?? My daughter was in it last year, she loved every minute of it.

9th September 2011, 11:17
Did you enjoy Railway Children?? My daughter was in it last year, she loved every minute of it.

Oh wow what a proud mum you must be! It was amazing - so well acted and very cleverly done. I went with 4 friends and we all cried at the end. The children were fantastic! Such a treat. Real train on stage too ..

So much brill live theatre in London and free galleries and museums, cinemas showing every film imaginable. Wlaks around the city are great - anyone been to Postmans Park (http://www.urban75.org/london/postman.html)? The royal parks are fab too as is a walk along the South Bank - so vibriant and always something going on, sand sculptures, Gabriels Wharf, boat trips, from view from top of Tate Modern is to die for even if you dont like the art and its free!. A boat trip along Little Venice is fab as are the markets - Borough Market has to be experienced - also Portobella Road.

To me saying you dont like London is a bit like saying you dont like food. I can see why some parts wont appeal to all but everyone will find something they will love. :)

9th September 2011, 13:57
I'm with Gizmos, I hate London and often have to spend time there for work with two or three hours to kill. Its dirty, smelly, overpriced and the people are aggressive. I always sit in the library opposite Kings Cross and read a book if I have to spend time there