View Full Version : Mobile Phone on Ebay, advice please

9th September 2011, 17:42
I have resisted putting a mobile phone onto Ebay that I'd don't want as you hear so many horror stories, esp with phones...

But I finally bit the bullet and put it up for sale, with starting price of £50. I have 8 watcher, but I've had a request to do a BIN for £60 and I am tempted, as this ebayer seems have good FB....

How hard is it to do a BIN, and what do you all think please?

9th September 2011, 18:00
Depends what you were hoping to get for it really? Have you searched completed listings to see what similar phones actually sold for?

If you are tempted then a buy it now is quite easy to add to the listing.

Did you put on the listing "no returns" "no guarantee", etc just to cover yourself?

9th September 2011, 18:07
Usually if you get a request early on for a BIN someone is out to get a bargain. I would take my chances and let the auction run. No guarantees, but it could go well past £60. Good luck which ever option you choose.

Poundsinbucks x :)

9th September 2011, 20:56
Yes I would leave the auction run too. Or if you do decide to sell it to someone for a set price ask them by phone (not through the ebay message system) to pay you directly through paypal and send the phone using special delivery (so its insured and so you will have proof of delivery). That way you will save the 10% commission ebay will charge you on the price the phone sells for.

I have sold dozens of phones on ebay and have never had a problem so you should be fine.

9th September 2011, 22:30
thanks all, I think I'll let it run. I never end early normally, was just tempted because of my mobile fears.... xxx

17th September 2011, 10:16
[QUOTE=elviacannon;1316445]Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy on eBay. you should have taken Reserve price auctions: The Buy It Now option is shown until the reserve price is met. This means that when you see that an item has both a Buy It Now price and one or more bids, you’ll need to act quickly.

Elviacannon, You are not supposed to post links, esp to one of those awful sky-high interest payday loans companies so have reported that to a mod :nono:

Mamzie Good luck with selling your mobile, as others have said I suspect you will get a better price letting the auction run xx

17th September 2011, 10:20
Link removed. Thanks to those who reported.

17th September 2011, 17:21
thanks all, I did let it run and it ended on £87, so was very pleased. I don't bother with a reserve as I list on a free listing day to start at the lowest price I am happy to sell for, iyswim.