View Full Version : Royal mail changes

1st October 2011, 03:54
http://www2.royalmail.com/customer-service/customer-news#Royal Mail welcomes Postcomm’s approval of commercial changes

1st October 2011, 07:14
We've had the discussion about delivery to a neighbour recently, however there does appear to be the ability to opt out. I'd be interested to know how that works in practise and what the situation is should you opt out, the opt out is ignored, the package gets delivered to a neighbour who is a problem and is then lost?

1st October 2011, 21:48
How is the postman going to remember who has opted out and who hasn't when they deliver to hundreds of houses? I think this will cause a lot of problems particularly for people who buy and sell a lot of goods online like ebayers.

2nd October 2011, 12:08
I never realised they weren't supposed to deliver to neighbours.... I have a long standing dispute with my next door neighbour, so have always had a notice in my door, directing any deliverys to my friend opposite, and she does likewise.