View Full Version : Terra Nova (Spielbergs new syfy/dinosaur series). Starts Monday Night!

2nd October 2011, 13:51
We sat down as a family last night and watched the double episode pilot of this. Karen and Eloise really liked it, me I'm reserving judgment, I hope it developes to be more than Swiss Family Robinson/Jurrasic Park/S.G.U. hybrid. Still the C.G.I. Dinosaurs were good. I wonder if it will do well enough to get past it's initial 13 episode run at $4 million a episode, as to do this it will need huge audience figures..


Sky 1 have bought this and it's due to start Tommorow on Sky 1 at 8pm. It started on Fox US last Monday.

Dolly Daydream
2nd October 2011, 18:41
we watched it the other night, like you hubby is reserving judgement, I enjoyed it & thought the dino's were great but I hope something happens to make it stand out from the rest tbh

2nd October 2011, 23:50
I am soooo glad I have seen this thread, I've heard about this on the radio and was hoping it would be on our tv sometime as well :)