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6th December 2011, 15:42
hi this is really for peoples opinions i am selling ds ipod nano as he doesn't use it and would rather something else. no my curiosity had been caught by one of the bidders who has been an ebay member since October and has a feed back score 100 % of 102 and all but 1 item brought has been ipods. why would someone buy so many ipods? i can't get my head around it lol.

6th December 2011, 22:50
well they won it for 70 and looking at the feedback that makes 12 ipods today am i the only one who thinks there has got to be something fishy about this?

6th December 2011, 23:31
Is it a first generation nano, with a silver back? There is a recall on those at the minute by Apple as the battery could overheat. Depending on your registration number you send them your potentially faulty old one and they will replace it with a 'new' one of the same model. Not sure what a 'new' first generation could sell for?

Poundsinbucks x ;)

6th December 2011, 23:40
nope 5th generation but the are buying ipod nanos and what i would call normal ipods. i'm still waiting payment but according to feedback they pay quickly. ds suggested it is someone very generous who is giving them away to needy kids. lovely idea but there aren't many people with that much money to be that generous