View Full Version : Sainsburys conditional spends

15th March 2012, 14:25
Paid for my daughter's shopping on monday using my nectar card and had a lovely surprise from the postie today - 6 x ?4 off ?20 spends. Used to get ?2 off ?20 but used these at tesco so,of course, they didn't send me any more - serves me right! I will take advantage of mr. tesco's coupons at the moment (lol) and then do my shopping at sainsbury where i always get 5 per cent off as hubbie works for local government so 25 per cent off ?20 spend. Anyone else had any of these. If not,might pay to do a relatives shop with your nectar card.

15th March 2012, 15:02
Havent shopped at Sainsburys in about 6 months but today got 6 x ?10 off ?50 spend. Like you, I will use up my tesco's then go & see what bargains sainsburys has to offer. Must say I'm keeping my freezer & fridge well stocked up with these conditional spends and tesco's recent coupons and only spending ?50 or less a week.

15th March 2012, 22:32
I got some ?8 off ?40 spends in the post today, not shopped in sainsburys since i had the last lot of spend and saves, i like theirs as they are a bit better than the five off ?40 that are in the papers for mozzies and Ts...even though i have to travel lol