View Full Version : Free Listing June 16th-17th

15th June 2012, 15:38
Had an email...quite late this morning, did well over the jubilee weekend so will relist and put some new stuff on. Though thinking about doing a bootsale....

Score some savings - List with 0.00 insertion fees*
Only on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June 2012
Valid for up to 100 auction-style listings with a starting price of 1 or more in eligible categories

- Open to private sellers only
- Only the insertion fee is waived. All other selling fees will still apply
- Items listed using professional tools are excluded
- 60 second listings are possible subject to network conditions and apply to short listings
*Terms and conditions apply

15th June 2012, 16:08
thank you for this, i have a couple of things ready too

15th June 2012, 16:35
Thanks -haven't been selling much on ebay recently but need some money so have taken some photos today and will list all my unsolds once again.