View Full Version : Anybody use Sainsbury's grocery delivery??

14th July 2012, 17:09
I am sooooooo sick of Tesco's mucking up my grocery delivery - again today of course - that I am moving to Sainsbury's. I am a bit confused by the website and the delivery charges - does anybody else use it?

I clicked on what I thought was a good delivery slot for me, which stated ?3.75 - but it comes up at the side of my page as ?6.75.

I'm probably being dim, but are there any experienced users out there! It's a scary new place after years of tesco.com!


14th July 2012, 17:15
I've used sainsubrys a few times, not an expert though, but the price is that much until you spend over a certain amount, either ?25 or ?40 not sure which 1 sorry, but it will change once you go over that amount.

Hope that helps xx

14th July 2012, 17:16
Ah! Genius! Thank you!

14th July 2012, 17:17
previous post is correct its FREE DELIVERY on orders over ?100 delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Orders below ?40 will be delivered for a ?6.75 charge.

You could still get delivery from ?2.75 - ?5.75 when you spend just ?40.

if you look about there is usually a ?10 off first order code for Sainsbury if you havn't shopped with them before

14th July 2012, 17:19
Thanks .... I feel a total novice on the Sainsbury's site!

14th July 2012, 17:51
there are 15 off first shop codes too so find one of those, I use sainsbury's sometimes and they're much better than tesco, and the fruit and veg seems much better quality

19th September 2012, 22:02
I got a flyer through my door today with a code for ?12 off.

Valid on first online grocery shop over ?60.

Order now for delivery before 09/11/2012:


Obviously this could be region specific.


19th September 2012, 22:20
If you have one near pop in and buy one or two items OH tends to go in and get our midweek fresh milk, use your nectar card and 9 times off 10 gets a ?12 off ?60 till spit for first on-line shop.

Can't agree they are any better than Tesco though used them for five years or more before they built our T's It's all the same stuff from the same factories and companys, just branded for each supermarket. Sometimes their fruit and veg is rank like it is in other places. You just have to be discerning in what you pick up wherever you are.

21st September 2012, 09:54
My sister is disabled and uses it every week. But often they do not give you the freshest goods. Also when i shop at sainsbury i often get a money off voucher for my next shop. they refuse to do this online as quote. 'it is too complicated'
My sister is currently in debate with them as they are discriminating against people who cannot get out to their shop.

21st September 2012, 14:44
I have tried tesco/ocado/sainsburys/asda for home delivery.

I used Sainsburys once and stopped because I live in a flat and they would not bring my shopping up the stairs. That is the whole point of me having a home delivery so that I don't have to bring it up the stairs.

21st September 2012, 18:38
At ?6.75 :eek: I would expect them to cook my dinner that night as well.