View Full Version : Free milk in waitrose

18th January 2013, 18:44
Just pick up one of waitrose's newspaper style leaflets that has a coupon in for 2 pints of one percent fat essential waitrose milk. Have a free drink in the cafe' at the same time!

19th January 2013, 07:51
Great find Matty :D

I'm going near a Waitrose next Thursday, do you think the paper will still be current?

19th January 2013, 08:05
They ran this offer last year, what i found is you need to be quick and grab a few now as they didnt refil the shelves at my local all weekend and surprise, surprise the day the offer expired, the shelves got refilled.

19th January 2013, 13:44
The voucher runs out on 26th jan so a bit more time to try and get some. Luckily it's on route to both my kids' houses so helps pay for the petrol there! Every little helps!