View Full Version : Asda prices not honoured on delivery

15th May 2013, 19:43
Today received my first Asda grocery delivery to find once the driver had gone that some of the products ordered where a completley different price to what i had orderd and still on my order receipt online

Appears that they can charge what they want on the day of delivery, no finction on their site to warn you on your delivery date booked that an offer may of finished like Tesco.

How do they expect people to budget, my first and last Asda groceries order.

15th May 2013, 21:35
Sounds as if they are as bad as Tesco, but with generally lower prices?

It does seem to be an oddity of online supermarket shopping that the price you pay isn't the price you ordered at. Something should be done about it!

16th May 2013, 09:04
They are worse.

Friend who lives in what can barely be called a block of flats, ie four private flats two on the ground floor and two on the first, live in one of the first floor ones. They couldnt even be arised to wait for her to get doen stairs once or follow instructions to leave with downstairs neigbout when she was out once, just dumped the stuff outside and left it for others to help themselves. They didnt get a third order off her.

20th May 2013, 13:46
I had this problem and I just phoned them up quoting the product number and the price I had been sent in my email when I ordered and they just issued a refund and a ?5 off my next order for the hassle.:)